Casselberry, Florida

I bought the Verano living room set from roomstogo early 2011, paid 1.545 love seat and couch both with reclinable ends. About a month ago i had visit over, which i hardly every do, and when they left i notice cracks on the leather and some spots it was just peeling off.

Ive been putting the leather conditioner they give you one a month, i live on my own and hardly even sit on the furniture cause i like my layzboy. I called roomstogo and they asked for pictures which i sent and i was approved to exchange the set for a new one. Thats fine BUT, now i have to pay again a delivery fee, taxes and IF the new set i choose has to be same price, otherwise i have to pay the difference. Well their store doesnt have anything as nice as what i had with the reclinable ends for the same price so now i feel like i have to downgrade and come up with money for delivery fees and tax, this is a craftmanship issue, they should good materials.

I know a friend who has furniture from big lots and its older than mine and its not peeling or cracking and they have kids and pets jumping on and off. Id be happy to sing in if there is a lawsuit!

(this wont let me upload my photos of the sofa showing the leather cracking and peeling off)

Monetary Loss: $1545.

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I have the same problem, my sectional is peeling ,they offered me 500.00 dollars toward a new couch..... That's crazy I don't want to have to pay for another couch... So if anyone wants to start a class action I'm in


I am sorry to hear that you all are having the same issue with your leather sets. I would like to look further into the accounts if you could send me your order information to with "Pissed Consumer" in the subject line.

I look forward to hearing from you. ~April


My husband & I just bought the same set Nov. 2013 and it's peeling and tearing too!!

I'm fixing to call RTG and ask for a totally different set or a refund. This is crazy!!


Bought the same 18 months ago in Khaki. Loveseat splitting.

Not near heat, fireplace or window. RTG took photos today from DESTIN, Fl store. Waiting to hear. No kids, no smoking, live here about 70% of year.

Light wear to say the least. Major disappointment....


Is your leather sofa top grain. The best part of the hide to use?

Also, did you have your sofa near heat. That will cause it to crack


Hi- I am very sorry that your leather set is already having these types of issues. Did they offer a reselect of different merchandise or was it an exchange of the same item?

If you could please email the order info to I would be glad to look into this and see if we can figure out something else together.

I look forward to hearing from you. April