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I have purchase a $7000 temperpedic bed from rooms to go in March. After 3 weeks of sleeping on the bed I was having back problem and waking up everyday with my body all sore.

When I purchase the mattress I was not told by the sales person that there was a no return/exchange policy. I have called the sales person concerning my problem with the bed and was told that they will exchange my mattress for another one. So I went back to the store to look for another mattress to exchange. The sales rep recommed that I get another temperpedic bed that was firmer since the one that I got might be to soft.

At that time I felt that another temperpedic bed wasn't going to do me any good since I have problem with the first bed that I got. The sales person assure me that if I was going to have the same problem with the bed they will be happy to exchange for another mattress until I was happy with the mattress. I ended paying an additional $600 for an upgrade on the new mattress. Three week later I was still having the same problem that I had with my first mattress so I called the sales rep to tell him that the mattress was not working out and I am still having the same problem.

The sales person told me that he would speak with his manager and call me back. After 1 week of waiting he never called. I tried to call serveral time speaking with him but was unable to get him on the phone. After many attempt calling him I finally got a hold of him.

He told me that they were not able to exchange my mattress since they did not have an exchange policy. The sales person clearly told me that they will exchange my mattress if I was still having back problem with the bed now he's telling me that there is nothing he can do to help. I was lied to by the sales person and now I am stuck with a bed that I can't even sleep on. I felt that there custumer service is poor and the sales person shouldn't be able to lie to customer like that.

I have tried to called custumer service at rooms to go but was told that there is nothing they can do about it that I would need to contact the sales person.

When I spoke to the sales person he will tell me that I would need to call custumer service about it. So after days of getting the runaround I am stuck with a very expensive bed that I can not sleep on.

Monetary Loss: $7600.

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I have the same problem with a tempapedic. Help


I agree don’t by From rooms to go


I agree this this , i also was miss led, from the sales person about the thermapedic.... they wont take care of customers.. all they want is their sale, and the return policy of there mattress should be changed,


we have the same issue as you are having. The sales lady lied and said we would have no problem returning the bed if not satisfied we were able to speak to the manager and he was no help.

Stay far away from purchasing any mattress from this store. The sales people will say anything just to make a sale. They are very dishonest and this actually starts from the managers as he had stated he does not want the employees to inform the customers about the return policy. He went as far as asking me if I ask the sales associate about the return policy.

I informed him that when my daughter and I were walking to the clearance section the sales associate stated "if you purchase a mattress from there it will be very difficult to return it" so as far as I am concerned I took that as I can do a return if I was not satisfied with the mattress. Well he didn't know what to say to that.

So the sales associates will lie to the consumer just to make a buck and the consumer is stuck with a *** mattress. People read the small print as that is what the store manager had stated to me this will save you a head ache in the future.


I am recently having the same problem I purchased an almost $1,000 bed from rooms to go and I am in so much pain the mattress is hurting my body so bad and I see they are not taking back mattresses. I am trying to warn everyone I know about It bc they have way too many places that let you try out the mattress and rooms to go will not even consider taking the mattress back to exchange for one that will not cause me pain.


I just went through the same thing. A temperpedic is supposed to spring back meanwhile I feel like I'm sliding off the side of the bed.

A technician came, measured it a photographed it and sent to the main office.

He even felt the difference. But....they say it doesn't match the manufacturers quality to return it.

I paid around $6,000 for it. Unreal and pissed off.




We’d love to get the details of the situation so that we can share this with the regional management over the showroom that you made your purchase at. If you can, please email us your order details to tellus@roomstogo.com so we can get this looked into ASAP.