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Rooms To Go has to be the worst company to deal with as far as customer service. We purchased bedroom furniture had to wait 2 weeks for delivery.

We were told the delivery would be between the hours of 1-5 when the delivery wasn't made by 5 we contacted them and were told that those hours were just for courtesy and the delivery hours are from 7am - 10pm. So, why even give me a time. Finally the furniture arrived. Damaged...

We were finally contacted to arrange the replacement, another two weeks! We were scheduled for a 7 - 11am delivery. We received a call at 6:45 to let us know that we had to be rescheduled until 12-4pm because the delivery guy had to reverse his route. We contacted customer service..

Now that was a joke. The first person we talked to couldn't help, the change was made at the dispatch level; okay we need to talk to that person, you can't they will have to call you. So, I contacted the main corporate office. The customer service representative was very good, she listened, she repeated back what I said, empathized with my dilemma, apologized for my inconvenience.

Said she could cancel my delivery and reschedule for a "day" of my convenience, but I would have the same delivery hours. So, what difference would it make? I'm going to post this on my Facebook with the instructions to have it reposted throughout my friends who live all over the country. I will pay more for furniture to receive better service than this company provides.

Their motto.. Should be..."Our customer service is only provided at our convenience, because we don't care about actually serving you."

If you or someone you know wants to purchase from Rooms To Go have them read the reviews, I didn't. Then run, run run somewhere else to purchase furniture. Don't be lulled into their sales or pricing.

To prevent anyone from having to deal with this. Forward and keep forwarding.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rooms To Go Customer Care.

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Wow! I sincerely apologize for all the frustration this delivery process has caused you.

Our time frames are all day from 7am to 10pm with the 4 hour estimated time frames. Our drivers intend to arrive during the 4 hour time frame, however sometimes traffic or previous deliveries could delay them unfortunately. I would like to review your account to see if I can assist in getting this resolved. Could you please email me at "Attention Pissed Consumer" with the phone number listed on the account?

I look forward to hearing from you. ~April