Richardson, Texas

Needed to buy furniture for an entire new house so applied for no interest credit with Room To Go. Picked out all the furniture and was ready to finalize the sale when the salesperson tells me a 20 percent down payment is required.

This is news to me and I leave without the deal. Get home, check the company's website and there it is under credit details - NO DOWN PAYMENT. I go back to the store to speak with the manager who's conveniently not there but the office manager disagrees with me even though I show her the printed info from their own website. Tough for me.

Try to reach a regional manager to no avail so I call corporate customer service where I'm told basically the same thing.

So what exactly does NO DOWN PAYMENT mean to Rooms To Go? I guess it means I'm taking my money elsewhere.

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There is a down payment if you want the five year financing but no down payment if you agree to a 24 month payment plan. that's what I read.


I'm sorry for the confusion. If you happen to still be interested in the set, please let us know at and we can have one of our online associates assist you.