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I purchased 3 pieces 6/23/18 in full. Loveseat delivered no problem.

I waited 1 month for my recliner-delivered, and the couch was on a 2 month back order set to deliver 8/21. I was called yesterday and told it would be another month to get my couch so this will be 3 months since I paid in full for this. I have company coming down prior to my “new delivery date” so it looks like we are going to sit and kumbyaha on the floor. I tried to get a reselect...well they wanted me to pay an extra 400$ if I wanted anything close to what I bought.

Oh and a refund they can’t do that. I can only exchange it for something I don’t want, pay extra, or wait and pray my delivery in a month comes through. How is this ok? They don’t care because they are protected by their policy.

I’m more upset that no one cares to make this situation right or fair. I was told 4x that it’s “not R2G fault”. I paid R2G no one else. This is a scam company they have items on the sales floor they can’t even guarantee they can get.

DO NOT buy from R2G! I have spoken to 2 managers by phone Issac and Mandy at the Round Rock store. Issac gave the info to my original salesman Kevin “Sean” who’s great at his job and very nice but he can’t help me when it’s the management that approves everything. 3 managers helped him with my issue not one spoke to me directly while I was in the store.

Called Mandy today and was told the same above lines. This is a joke and it’s sad the company runs this way.

Product or Service Mentioned: Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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