Georgetown, Texas
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2 days ago we visited the showroom, of course it's busy and so were the other 2 stores down the street which still provided us with excellent service and a professional assistant. This guy literally speaks at the door, tells us he has a lot of other customers so "look around, and if you decide to buy, page me." WHAT?

Did he really just say that to us? after laughing and being stunned, we quickly browsed and did encounter only 1 professional lady who came along and asked an elderly couple if anyone was assisting them. They also had Robert Mr. I will write up your order and provide no assistance what so ever.

She patiently answered the questions, and even demenstrated the reclining furniture and made suggestions for the electric recliners. If I ever and I stress IF......

I hope the attractive, patient lady helps me too! Wish I knew her name, she was short, dark suit, very well spoken and the only good experience we had in that store.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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That certainly isn’t the impression that we want our staff to provide to our customers when visiting any of our locations. If you can, please send us an email with the details such as the location so we can make sure that this is addressed appropriately.