Reston, Virginia

Rooms to go in Frisco TExas.

Made a 2 room purchase on July 5th. Now September 17th and still have yet to recieve delivery on the sofa or dining table. They delivered the first dining table and it was broken. Tried to get me to "just keep it until we sort it out". Sent it back. 3 weeks later they deliver another table, it is broken also and in addition has the wrong table top.

Say they will have it and the sofa in another three weeks.

Tomorrow is the delivery date and today they tell me the sofa will MAYBE be ready in another 30 days and the HOPE the table doesn't fall apart this time.

Customer service says call the store. Store manager will not speak to me. His salesman lackey tells me I need to talk to customer service. They played this game of putting me on hold while they talked to the manager repeatedly but I cannot speak to the manager. He is busy with customers. What am I?

No one will authorize a complete return. They want me to "reselect" furniture that may or may not match the partial pieces I have now.

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