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I purchased an expensive mattress set from Rooms to Go with a 10 year warranty, because of that warranty I purchased it from a 5 years later I am in the position where I actually need that warranty because this product isn't holding up and they are not standing behind the products THEY chose to sell and I am out of luck. I am not a person who ever complains, but because I am having so much back pain, I thought I would inquire about this and I got "sorry they are out of business" and there isn't anything you can do.

Sorry, I am a small business owner and have suffered financial setbacks too, but the problem in our country is giving that 1 customer a bad experience and shame on you it's HUNDREDS. If I decided to sell a substandard product...and as I am find out there are many substandard products at this store, it's up to you to take responsibility for this decision to sell it. Don't offer a warranty if you are NOT going to stand behind it.

No wonder why the store I purchase from is no longer in business, I will not let this rest and will make sure you don't get any more business from me, my family, my friends and my customers. You are losing more from my dissatisfaction than it would have cost you to replace my mattress!

Product or Service Mentioned: Rooms To Go Warranty.

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David Johnson

I wonder what an attorney may have to say about your statements. I guess we will soon find out as that is my recourse next. Your customer service, lack of concern, and lying sales staff will soon catch up to Rooms-to-go.

Good luck


I’m sorry to hear about your mattress. Rooms To Go does stand behind its products and provides a one year warranty on all new purchases.

Some manufacturers such, as mattress vendors, provide an extended warranty coverage beyond the one year warranty that we provide. Unfortunately though, if their offices close for any reason, we have no resource in order to fulfill a customer’s claim that the manufacturer once provided.


Here is a simple question; who's name is on the building? It is not who you have making your merchandise it is that YOU stand behind what you sell.

Also policy is a guide, you can CHOOSE to support your customers or decide money over customer loyalty.

RtG talks a good game. I went in looking to purchase with the questions about companies going out of business and when I asked to talk to a manager and they reversed their claim