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I am so upset with my leather sectionals purchased from Rooms To Go in 2009. They are peeling all over.

I contacted R2G and was informed that since it's been 5 years, they can prorate a return and offered $243. This barely covers tax and shipping. I asked the rep if I am to assume then, that furniture from R2G is only to last a couple of years, and she said no. But the fact that their warranty doesn't extend beyond a year, leads me to believe otherwise.

Aside from the sofas, the bedroom set I purchased at the same time, also has the wood at the bottom broken. I have placed some books underneath, and dealt with it that way, so as not to contact R2G. BUT, the sofa situation is different. It is embarrassing for me, and for the company.

If I had known these were such poor quality, I would have gone elsewhere.

Now I know for the future. If I could help at least one person save money on their furniture with this report, I'm glad.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rooms To Go Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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To start I asked for leather and what they sold me isn't leather. I'm gonna sue them for sure.

This people are a rip-off. For pay back I went back an got more furniture and I'm not gonna pay for it.

Now they're going crazy calling me and I have being threatened by them telling me they will take me to court if I don't pay or I will get arrested. Idiots!!


I am doing the same thing....they gave me the runaround on cushions they were to replace for four months, I had made monthly payments while this was going on, they had ended up replacing the furniture, now I am not paying and they are calling me everyday, im not paying, they want it...they will have to come and get it.


Their leather is cheap and I was told that these places that claim they sell leather furniture, well the sides and back of the furniture is not leather its vinyl..

You will pay good money for a set that is total leather..and you can tell the difference..I went to a place called leather creations this was in 2004...for a theater seating..the leather is butter soft..front, back, sides...even came with a 5 year warranty...which I had to use once but it wasn't for the leather, it was a mechanical issue with one of the reclining chairs, it was repaired within 2 days, no problems since....even the eating trays that fit onto the end chairs are leather....I love this set..and get compliments all the time on the quality...I paid over $4000 but its worth it...Still look new