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I would not say that RTG has the lowest prices. And I do not consider the $3000 couch very cheap for average customer. Now you can find cheaper and much better quality furniture elsewhere, so the low price does not mean poor quality. But still, that what is going on with RoomsToGo leather sofas is a RIPOFF.

I bought there leather sectional 3 years ago for approximately $1000, we were happy with our purchase. White sectional sofa looked great, I regularly moisturized it with conditioner for leather furniture. And a year ago happened the same thing - the "genuine leather" started to crack and peel. I have to mention, that the sofa is barely used, we do not sit there, we don't watch tv, it even doesn't have everyday consistent wear. Moreover, the cracking and peeling spots are situated at the top and side of sections. It is physically impossible to sit there and wear off the leather to cause cracking and peeling.

I can say - we were tricked. At the store we were assured that the sectional sofa we were going to buy was real leather. And now, reading the reviews and looking on my sofa that looks horrible as if we picked it up directly from garbage. I am so so disappointed, I thought we were buying furniture from decent store and couldn't even think about that the greediness could be above the morality and integrity.

Consider the number of negative comments and reviews on RoomsToGo they fooled a lot of people. Do not, people, leave it as is. File claims to Bureau of Consumer Protection, BBB, write to RipoffReport.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I am really sorry to hear that your sectional is already peeling and cracking. We do have a 1 year warranty on our furniture but we also do expect it to last longer than that.

I would like to look into this to see if if we have any other options for you.

Please email me the order details to with "Attention Ripoff Report" so that I can directly look into this for you. I look forward to hearing from you, April.


Correction*** "Attention Pissed Consumer"