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I have a living rm suite that I purchased in November 2010. It is their version of "Leather" and it is peeling.It started peeling after 2 yrs of use.

It is only me & my husband in the household, no children, no pets. I contacted the cust service # for SERVICE (what a JOKE) and I was told that the warranty I purchased was for FOOD stains ONLY. When I purchased this furniture, me & my husband were told that this would cover anything that happens to our furniture in the following 3 yrs by our sales person and that is nothing but a bold-faced lie. cheap furniture with big prices, trained liars, and a sorry company that does not stand behind anything.

I am not finished yet, I will take this case to what ever source I can think of. I have the thought of petitioning outside their store with pictures of my furniture and telling everyone my story that plans on entering their store. The Beast is about to show her face once more . Whats even as bad is my husband called to speak with the Manager of the store, not once but twice, and the coward wont even return our calls.

Just slimmy, no good, trained liars at Rooms to Go selling cheap furniture.

I will NOT sit back on this one and be quiet.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rooms To Go Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $3100.

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Mine did the same thing! I was also told my warranty did not cover it!

I HATE RTG! Im still sitting on the stuff and it *** me off because I spent so much money on something the sales person told me would last forever


That sounds awful! I am very interested in reviewing this case if you could please send your order details to

Please include your order number and or phone number on your account. If you could, please attach photos of your furniture so we can see exactly what you are referring to. If you put in the subject line, I can easily spot it and get to as soon as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you! Thanks!