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Rooms to go outlet is supposed to be what's on display for purchase is first come to purchase. It's a product that's been discontinued or is slightly dented or scratch but still in good condition.

Today my daughter went to go buy a couch that was for sale and was told that should, could not buy it because there was none available till next year.

That's ridiculous I know that at rooms to go outlet there is no pre-order you just buy what's on display because supposedly that all they have to get rid of old product or damages furniture.

She asked, why have something on display if you're not going to sale it for a year. What customer is going to buy something to and wait a year for it to be delivered.

User's recommendation: Remove any furniture that is not available to deliver with in 4 months.

Preferred solution: The couch that’s on display at the outlet .

Rooms To Go Pros: Sales.

Rooms To Go Cons: 0 quality customer service.

Location: 21415 US Highway 19 North, Clearwater, FL 33765

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