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On Aug 20th, I purchased a bedroom set and a living room set at Buford Rooms to go. Spent over $5000.

First attempt at delivery on Sept. 1st failed due they didn't show up at "courtesy window" time frame. Called the store at 7pm and cancelled order. Got a call from driver after 8pm and says they are on the way.

Told him don't bother as I cancelled order. Talked to salesperson the next day and he was very apologetic. Told him I didn't feel safe at home with two total strangers after dark. He understood.

I went ahead with the order. When they delivered they forgot an ottoman. They left in an haste due it was their last stop and left house with styrofoam all over bedroom. A week later a Repair tech came out to install thing for sectional to keep them together and had him look at my bedframe as it had spaces between rails.

Thought delivery guys didn't tighten the bolt as they left in a hurry. The tech says that it is manufacturer defect and he will order a replacement. It is Oct 6th and past the delivery window time frame. Called the store after being on hold with customer care dept for 20mins.

Talked to Paulette at 543pm and asked if she could find out where the driver is. Her response with an attitude "it is not 6pm yet." This second time that they mentioned "it is a courtesy time frame and they are doing us a favor".. Wow.

I still need to furnish three more bedrooms and do I want to spend a dime at the rooms to go again? No way.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Training your staff to understand customer needs.

Rooms To Go Pros: Salesperson.

Rooms To Go Cons: Customer service from store.

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Sorry to heart about such a disappointing situation. Would you be able to send us your order info to