Stone Mountain, Georgia

we purchased a couch and only had it for 15 months. we bought the nicest leather they carry planing on it lasting.

the stitching in cusions are tearing apart and they dont want to help any way to make it right. very upset when you work hard to pay over 1300 for a couch and not last over 15 months and we spent alot more money on rest of outfit to be turned a cold shoulder they have did to us. I am very upset and have never posted a complaint in my life .

I feel people need not to throw away the money they sweat to make . its hard to these days.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

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It is the third time they deliver the same chair mistaken or damaged. This looks like a nightmare without and end. At this point am still trying to figure out what would be my next step. They just seem not to care about having the customer satisfied; and I have lost time and patience.

First delivery: They brought the wrong chair which actually costs about $ 200 less than the one I paid for.

Second delivery: The chair does not function properly. They sent a tech. who instead of fixing the problem, came to tell me that this was a "minor problem". Maybe they think that my money is not good enough to buy me a chair in good condition. Finally he left saying that he would order a new piece and come back to fix it.

Third delivery: After three more weeks of no news from a new tech nor anybody else willing to fix the problem, we finally "persuaded" them on the phone to bring a new chair ( when what we actually wanted was to returne everything of our purchase). SURPRISE!!! This chair does not work either!

Please! Does anyone know any way ( other than their Customer Un-Service phone line) to get my problem fix?


Does any one know how to get hold of whatever company actually manufactures Cindy Crawford furniture? I'm getting nowhere! Help!