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Update by user Apr 06, 2011

I am happy to announce that Rooms To Go decided to replace the defective lamp.

Original review posted by user Apr 01, 2011

I purchased $4000 worth of furniture at Rooms To Go. Two months later one of lamps tipped over and broke into many pieces.

I am so surprised at how easily it broke. Apparently, the material is so cheap. I know that things brake as they fall, but this is different. It is made to look like wood, but this lamp is put together so cheaply that all it takes is just a slight touch and it will shatter.

I took it to Rooms To Go and they basically told me to go away.

So my conclusion is that their product is bad quality.

And, their attitude once you complain to them is worst.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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That's awful you break a lamp and that company has to pay for your accident! Hats off to you buddy for being such a pain in the *** they just appeased you to shut you up!

Please stop shopping and save us all for. Your stupidity!


Seems like the lamp was wonderful and well worth the cost....until it fell and broke? Really?

And let me guess, you now expect them to just replace it.

Because you spent thousands of dollars in their store. Suck it up and buy a new lamp, store of your choice!


Suck it up *** :)


One day, one of my customers came with one week old tire he bought from me with so called bubble on the side, asking me for his warranty. I told him I will see what I could do ( knowing that he has no road hazard warranties and the tire had a good hit on the side wall, his wife wouldn't tell him the truth ) I took the tire to the distributor, I showed it to him,, and in one split second, he said NO problem just give him another tire and will credit you the amount,, I Said,, Would explain that to me on why you gave me a replacement free knowing that , it's his wife fault ????,,, HE SAID ,, WE AREN'T GOING TO TELL THE CUSTOMER: YOU ARE LYING,, AND WE DON'T EXACTLY KNOW WHAT HAPPEN ,,, KEEP HIM HAPPY, $ 117.00 IT'S NOT WORTH IT, YOU WILL EARN MORE FROM HIM,,,

In the other hand I paid $ 3200.00 bed room wrapped very well,, But I was disappointed with the card board pressed part among the parts..The only reason I didn't return it,, My little daughter won't understand,,at her 7th birthday.


*Edit: the customer was expecting the lamp to be more durable (as it had appeared) to them at the time of purchase.


"Furniture products are fragile commodities. This is especially true with lamps that are constructed mainly of glass and ceramics."

Honestly, from looking at these pictures and the complaints; the lamp does appear that it was not meant to be easily shattered. Now, most lamps (yes made of glass or cheap ceramics) would obviously easily break and fall. However, this lamp was given the impression that it was not weak material, and as such (unless of course it fell hard, and far from wherever it was sitting) would not have broken. The lamp, obviously before it was broken appeared to be made out of material much sturdier than what it was actually made out of.

I can see the complaint of the customer, as after paying nearly $4000 for a complete furniture set; I do not think they expected the lamp to be the equivalent of a Wal-mart bought $20 lamp.

I wouldn't necessarily tell this customer to go away, after they bought (obviously) quite a bit of costly furniture, seeing as how helping them compensate for their issue or helping them in giving them some help in the problem would keep them coming back to continue to remodel their home. Which, god knows, could cost thousands of dollars more.

I think Rooms-to-Go should be a little more considerate to the issue.

If you went out and bought a table for $400, and then within a month a leg fall off. Wouldn't you be upset? The same goes here, the customer was not expecting the lamp to be more durable as it had appeared.

Maybe the customer was not properly warned; or maybe after paying (What I'm assuming from Rooms-to-Go prices and the price of the entire suite) a hundred or a few hundred dollars for this particular lamp, that they were dissatisfied to discover they may have well have just gone into Target or Wal-mart rather than Rooms-to-Go.

Aside from this, I have heard one too many complaints from previous customers of Rooms-to-Go of this same sort, where the products they bought were not as durable as they appeared and/or that the customers were dissatisfied with how they were treated when they approached Rooms-to-Go with a complaint.


Well, there is a bit of a difference between a leg "falling off" and a lamp that falls and breaks.


Did you actually look at the lamp picture! I am no expert but it's broken from a fall!

Unless a lamp in made from a polyurethane product or plastic it will break if it falls over! Seriously this person should be embarrassed that they have eroded a companies bottom line with this ridiculous claim! My parents taught me if I break it it's my responsibility to replace it. Good lord business beware of people like this please....

I think rtg was just worn down to replace this *** lamp!

I guess for them it was just easier to shut them up! Way to go people for being sucked into this person crazy *** brain...


Look, I would not bother complain about it if it broke because of a hard hit or even a moderate hit. I don' always take back things I buy simply because they brake.

In this case I don’t see a good reason for this lamp to crumble the way it did. I am absolutely convinced that this lamp is junk.


I’m really sorry to see about your broken lamp. Furniture products are fragile commodities.

This is especially true with lamps that are constructed mainly of glass and ceramics.

In looking at the pictures you posted, it does appear that the lamp did take quite a fall, as not only the lamp broke, but also the lamp shade has a large indentation as well.

Unfortunately, Rooms To Go cannot be held liable for issues caused in the home as such.


No matter what, even if someone shook it, it should not shatter like that. Anyway, Santini you should be honest and identify yourself as employed by Rooms To Go first,then make you comment.


You BROKE it ***


"...all it takes is just a slight touch and it will shatter." Consider yourself lucky that it lasted as long as it did. And lamps don't just "tip over".

Someone obviously knock it over. I'd tell you to go away too!