Conroe, Texas
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I have had to worse problems with this company. I purchased an entertainment center and a dresser from them about six weeks ago. The entertainment center was delivered first. It had scratches all over it for which the delivery drivers tried to hid by using a scratch coverup. I have seen coverup used in the past and it works fine on small scratches, not gouges! One of the drawers in the unit was visibly damaged and leaning over. The rubber piping that held the glass doors in was put in so haphazardly, it could be seen from the outside of the doors. They replaced the unit and it is not much better than the last one. For one the finish is much darker and there are more gouges. One of the doors is warped. They stated they would send another by UPS. I still have not seen it.

When my dresser finally arrived, about four or five weeks after my order, it was worse. The first thing I noticed is that the hardware for the drawers was put on backwards (the pulls were inside the drawers), although not a big deal, they should have fixed them upon delivery. This item also had scratches, some they did not even try to cover up. The space between the drawers and the frame of the dresser were so large, I could see all the way down to my carpet. It was poorly constructed and not of the same quality as the one on their showroom floor. Seems to be their practice as I have read the same complaint from others. I called their customer service center and requested that the item be returned. I was told they would only issue me a store credit. Their receipt states nothing about no returns, nor is that policy posted in their stores. I am disputing the charge with my credit card company and will hopefully be successful in getting my money back. Be wearly when making a purchase from Rooms to Go. Ask about their return policy if you are not satisfied. I will not be back.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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