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Warning: do not buy from Rooms to Go. The furniture quality is terrible. As an engineer, I understand product design, and the design and construction is downright pathetic. A sofa whose frame is not strong enough to hold the weight of a 180 lb. man has a design defect--not a problem with the customer's usage. Customer service is even worse: the company refuses to stand behind their product, but won't admit its a poor design. Their technicians are incompetent and will lie straight to your face. As many other users have reported, this company's customer service approach is to ignore all issues claiming everything is the customer's fault, and will lie and make things up to support their own conclusions.

Here is my experience

We purchased a Natuzzi sofa & loveseat 2 years ago for $3000. Within less than a year, a section under one arm on each piece had come loose, and the sofa was sagging 1.5 inches in the middle. Both pieces get only very light use as it's only my wife and I using them on occasion. Rooms to Go has spent a lot of time trying to deny my warranty claim. Apparently this couch is designed to sag in the center??

I called the warranty department requesting warranty service and a technician was sent out. He looked over each piece, adjusted the foot under the sofa (as if I hadn't already), and was gone within 5 minutes total. He wouldn't listen to me trying to explain my experience with the couch, just told me that they would arrange to have it repaired or replaced.

The warranty dept. called me to report that the technician claimed all damage was due to "in-home use" and that they were denying my request. The agent even quoted the tech's report: he claimed that the parts underneath the arms were broken due to lifting the couch by its arms. This was a clever fabrication--we never moved either piece except sliding them forward for cleaning. The technician had also reported that he'd "fixed" the sagging couch by adjusting the center leg. Another lie--any *** could stand there and see the couch still sagged halfway to the ground in the center.

I complained and a second technician was sent out. The second tech snapped a few pictures, but like the first, wouldn't even listen to my explanation of what I though the issue was. The warranty dept. again claimed that the issues were from in-home use. Since they were denying my claim that the product was defective, and thereby indicating both sofa and loveseat were performing as designed, I asked why Natuzzi would design a sofa that sags in the middle. The function of a sofa is to bear the weight of the people sitting on it--if it cannot do that, it is not a sofa. The agent could not give me an answer as to why the couch would be designed to sag and became agitated and rude. This went on for quite some time. Finally, the agent relented and said Rooms to Go was going to flat out deny my warranty, claim in-home damage, and void my warranty (why?), and that they didn't have to do anything to please me, but did say they would offer to do a "shop repair".

Well, the sofa was just picked up for the shop repair, and the guys just started dragging it out of the house. No wrapping or plastic or blankets or anything to protect the leather that my wife and I have carefully cared for. I asked them to hold on and wrap it with something and they said no, this is how they do it and it will be fine. Then they tipped the couch up on end on my stone patio and wriggled it onto a dolly. I am snapping as many pictures of them as I can so I can deal with the damaged leather when the couch is returned, though I know RTG will just deny everything, just as they will lie or make up reasons for why they think something is broken.

This company is unbelievable. I am so sick of dealing with them. They are incompetent liars, with no actual knowledge of product quality or build issues. I was very close to just telling them to void out my warranty and do the repairs myself so at least I'd have something decent looking that I know is functional and properly designed. Now I'm wishing I had done that, as I watched the pickup guys roll my well-cared-for and pristine leather sofa across a rough stone patio and driveway.

Save yourself the trouble and money and go somewhere else. It's worth paying more for something to know it will last. If you buy from Rooms to Go, it will not last. Don't think the "warranty" will give you peace of mind--RTG will shirk responsibility and blame the issue on you.

We'll see what this "repair" does to my sofa. Sadly I'm afraid it will come back worse off than it already was.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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