New Orleans, Louisiana
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I had bought a sofa, chaise lounger to match, (2)recliners, lamp at the Metairie location. 1st delivery went good, but one of the other recliners was back ordered.

I was ok with that. I get a phone call from RTG saying the back ordered chair was being pushed back another week. Was not happy but it is what it is. My salesman call me the next day and says my back ordered chair will arrive in 2-3 days.

Ok something going right....NOT!!! the chair arrives and the set up guys say the "power chair" does not have a power cord with it. The delivery guys were even pissed that they send out stuff like this. I call the store and speak to the manager to see if I can come and get a power cord from 1 of his displays chairs.

I was told they would have to order a cord from the parts dept. in FLA. and I could not come get a display cord. The reason he gave was because the customers coming into the store need a chair to work when they sit in it.

HOW ABOUT MINE!!!!! A PAYING CUSTOMER WHO SPENT OVER $4,000.00 IN THE STORE WHAT ABOUT ME AND MY CHAIR!!!!!. I was told if he did it for me he would have to do it for everyone. So it must happen a lot.

He said he would have to order a cord from the parts dept. I asked since we had waited for a long time and now we have a chair that does not work like it should, could you order the cord UPS and send it next day air to me. He said he had to o.k. it with someone and he would get right back with me.

Well that was days ago with no call. it is on order and it is being shipped regular ground. We will get our freaking power cord about 4 -5 days later. I am a CSR by trade and I would never treat a customer like this manager did, especially a customer who just dropped a bunch of money (over $4K) at his location.

A power cord!!!!!! really a power cord!!!!!!!. I will never buy anything else from this place.

I will go to Ashley furniture where I was told to go in the first place. So RTG you lost a customer over a lousy power cord and a manager who would not and didn't seem to want to help a customer with a "simple fix" Go back to manager training and see how to help solve customers problems in a quick easy way so both parties are satisfied.....YOU FAILED!!!!!!!!!

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Wow! That is super disappointing!

I apologize for the inconvenience and understand why you are frustrated. I would love the opportunity to look into this further.

Can you send me your order details to Looking forward to hearing from you soon!-Melissa