Duncan, South Carolina
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My wife, daughter and I recently moved to Greenville, SC. We were in need of ,a new couch, but didn't want to pay Pottery Barn/Ethan Allen prices, we found Rooms To Go and decided to have a look.

We ended up working with a really patient sales guy who showed us all kinds of options. We ended up getting a Cindy Crawford package sectional with a matching ottoman, a "TV Console", and a gift certificate for a HD TV from Best Buy. Regrettably we didn't find any console's that we liked, but my wife did find another non package deal console that she did like. The sales guy told us it wasn't part of the package, but went back to talk to his manager (guessing he could feel the sale slipping away).

He finally came back and told us "great news, we can do that as part of the deal"... we sat through him going over the warranty and stain removal etc, but we were ready to go, he then told us that the console that my wife picked out was on back order and it would ship later. Fast forward a couple of months, furniture is all in house and we're happy, until we got our bill. Sure enough, they charged us an extra $200 on top of the package deal, after the sales guy said it was part of the bundle.

We disputed with the finance company (guy on the phone didn't sound shocked in the least). Six weeks later, we get notification that the finance company is siding with RTG and that we're stuck paying the additional amount. Today, my wife went to the store, talked to their "customer service" who couldn't help. She asked to talk to the manager who also claims he sees on the paperwork where we were charged over the package price, but when my wife lets him know the sales guy said it was part of the package he seems confused, my wife asks to speak to the sales guy, who conveniently no longer works there.

Buyer beware when dealing with these guys get everything in writing no matter what they say in the showroom. I know it's old and common advice.

I don't care about the $, but I hate that I was taken advantage of. I'll never buys sub par *** from RTG again, I'll stick to the better quality and reputation of Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, and Ethan Allen.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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This sounds terrible! Sorry to hear about the lack of service that you received from our showroom. Would you be able to send us your order info to Tellus@Roomstogo.com so we can look into this?