Katy, Texas

hello,Everyone one of you little babies as a customer cry and complain when it doesn't go your way all the time...or partly through the sales process. you as American's are spoiled and lazy.The furniture industry offers a product with a years warranty or two depending on the manufacture.You know this when you buy it...it says it in the contract...then you can buy an extended service plan, but in most case your all to cheap at the sales counter to purchase it...depending on what it covers?It's not your fault though, the consumer has been babied by the industry to be this way. just remember crevate emptor...thats life; they offer a product not a miracle.If they gave everyone a new sofa they would go out of business, wouldn't they and or rooms to go would have to raise their prices.Ive seen grown men come in the store yelling and screaming ,why because they know thats what works ...sad little actors..have some pride..learn what your parents taught you....

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All you people are *** that come in the store. The majority are lazy *** foreigners that think they are kings and queens in there country and demand the same over in the U.S.

Half the time there is no eye contact with us. I'm not your God *** servant. The you don't read your *** contracts, oh no your to good for that. Half of the customers try to for discounts and demand free delivery.

I work hard and give incredible customer service, just to overlooked when you come back to purchase and loose my commission because you *** have no idea what it means to work over here in commission sales. Oh , no I'm just getting started. I work at a company similar to RTG and I've seen it all. What gets me is the comment that white sales people are racist which is like the pot calling the kettle black.

The Indians , Mexicans and Nigerians are the worst. Nigerians hardly work with African American because they think they are better. Mexicans won't even look at a non Mexican sales person in hopes of a better deal and they demand us to speak Spanish . Hello?

This the United States of America we speak English . Then the *** wait two hours for a Spanish speaker all the while speaking English. Oh if your Spanish and don't speak proper Spanish they complain. The last of my truths in sales is this.

If the customer ordered an item and it was delivered and they don't like it guess who gets thrown under the bus, we do , and guess what ? All of a sudden the sales person is incompetent and didn't order the right furniture . Yeah right! Three strikes and your fired !

But do lazy non thinking glutens give a ***! No!

As long as you have your way , that's all that matters! Grow up look in the mirror and stop blaming the industry and blame yourselves.....


check our youtube.com search mattress salesman. it is so funny to those in the sales business


You choose to deal with Americans on a daily basis,we as consumers did not choose your job for you. I'm sure any intelligent individual would agree that we understand everything doesn't always go "our way" or exactly the way we may like; but hence the words CUSTOMER SERVICE.

It is their job to do what they can to keep the customer happy. We are not asking for a miracle, we are simply asking for what is fair.

When we purchase furniture for our homes we expect "quality" products and service. You are an ***!!!!


Thanks Jazz. I work in retail too and it's amazing all the babies you run in to.

Everyone is quick to complain but when things go right they are slow to praise.

I'm sure with the ammount of customers RTG has, a very small percent actually have an issue. Unfortunately it's always the ones with the biggest mouth.


WTG Jazzmeus! You sure know how to get customers into your store.

If you don't like dealing with Americans, I'm sure they'd be pleased as punch not to do business with you.

Do you think there are enough of "your kind" in this country to keep your business going? Let us know when you get your ticket back home.


you're a ***


To Jazzmeus, it is easy to slam others when you don't have the whole story. What do you say to someone who purchased a sofa set and withing 1 month, the sofa is looking like it is 10 years old?