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Awful I've had my 6 piece stentson ridge power reclining sectional $2,000 plus the warranties and blah blah blab. Almost 1 year *** breaks loose, the mechanism cuts one wire and now one recliner is not useable... Let go because we didn't use that one often and wasn't a priority before when my child was a baby then April 2016 I'm sitting im sitting in the only other electric recliner that now works. Then I need to move it down and get up quick to get my now toddler child and it won't go down, pissed, physically hurt (long story, but it is odd to putt of with recliner up (keep in mind there's no manual use of this recliner) as a chronically ill person! because I had to move and buttons are a no go.

I wanted nothing back, just my couch fixed since we did get the warranty and wanted to confirm it was even still in Warenty or what we could do. Have a technician come out, replace the seats or motor or whatever the issue is. On my bill or theirs I needed the information.

So I called customer service = we have no record of your account. Because I have no paperwork do to private sensitive reasons nor know phone muber w same reason). They can't find it a their date of delivery, address, PO# on the couch NOTHING accept name and/or phone number but even after going tho every area code I could have had they still have no record of me even purchasing the sectional that I purchased from rooms to go! Nothing not a thing!!!! Nothing they could do for me and sorry have a good day.

This company has a horrible customer service and product in my opinion based on my facts. All I wanted was help but since they can't find me in the system they for some unknown reason. Sorry theres nothing we can do!

Mind you whole process didn't happen over 3 calls SO FAR. I can't stop when I'm shot sown so many times by "there's nothing we can do". In my opinion there's everything they can do! I've worked in sales and a good customer is a returning customer. We all know if there aren't any returning customers company is in trouble. Customer service is the first step to raising those good customers.

Now my thousands of dollar recliner currently is hazard to my family with it on upright position suck there just waiting to hurt myself or even young toddler. Great job rooms to go!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Recliner.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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We're sorry to hear about your experience. Unfortunately the only criteria we are able to search for an account by are the sales order number or the phone number that the order was placed under.

We would love to be able to help out however we would need either of these to be able to locate your account, and to be sent to We apologize for the disappointment.


Customer service went through every single person with any ZIP Code it could possibly be and with my name and still not found. Your system has lost my information causing serious issues to me and my family.

Your customer database is that right . I had a major disaster and lost all of my longings so how my supposed to have my paperwork? There's several reasons why I don't have a phone number since that date nor remember it.

The ink inability to look up even if the sofa was delivered to an address is absolutely how do I even have the couch now? I may have a huge problem is on our hands, just have to see if this problem is it fixed I will no longer be buying furniture from this brand and will not recommend it to anybody else I'm very upset and this is causing major issues with my family as I stated