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In Dec. 2011, responding to a Rooms-to-Go ad, I waited on line for an hour, and spent $200 to purchase $400 in gift cards. I was given $200 in regular gift cards, and $200 in bonus gift cards. I was not informed tht the regular gift cards had no expiration date , but that the bonus gift cards did.

I had a bad year. Didn't look at the gift cards until last week. When I tried to use the cards in the purchase of a $1000 wall unit, I discovered the bonus cards had expired 4 days earlier.

I called rooms-to-go, both at the store I purchased them from, and at corporate customer service. Four calls, 3 refusals, and one "we'll call you back within 48 hours. Their 48 hours expired 2 days ago, and I never heard from them.

I told them I have spent over $10,000 at their stores over the years and it hardly made sense to antagonize a repeat customer. I explained I would purchase the $1000 wall unit if they let me use the cards, and if not I would simply spend the $200 in regular gift cards on a $200 item, and never shop there again.

Apparently they don't care. I am sorry I spent so much over the years, establishing a relationship with a company that didn't deserve my loyalty. With City Furniture, Havertys, Badcock and ElDorado down the block, I think this was very foolish of them to *** Me Off. Lori west palm beach

Product or Service Mentioned: Rooms To Go Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Roomstogo should inform all their customers of the way gift cards works, especially when they expire but they r too busy, selling them quickly. I misplaced recently a gift card of over a 1000 dollars and they refused to even resend my card details so i could use it.

Unacceptable. Ended closing credit card with them and whole family stopped shopping with gloomstogo.

No sense of business and hidden preposterous conditions. Watch out !


And you deleted my comment? how about you delete your ENTITLED post?!

You didn't use your gift cards before they expired.. LIKE YOU WERE TOLD.

This is your fault, not theirs. Grow up and take some responsibility for yourself.


I am sorry you had a bad year, but there is no reason to complain to rooms to go. You didnt use your cards by the time they expired and you were told in the beginning that you had to use them before they expired.

But you did not and you cant blame them for that.

You still have the gift cards worth the money you actually paid and you cant tell me you would go into a regular store and expect them to accept an expired coupon. This is your fault not their's and it seems really entitled of you to complain about it like it was their fault.


I’m really sorry to hear about the problems that you have had. In regards to your request, standard purchased gift cards do not have an expiration date, but the bonus gift cards that we offer during specific promotions do have an expiration date. This information should have been clearly noted on the back of the bonus gift cards that you received letting you know of the terms as well as the expiration date. Unfortunately once the bonus gift cards expire, we are unable to reactive the gift cards or honor them any longer.

We’re really sorry for the disappointment that this has caused and if there is anything else that we can help out with or better look into for you, please do not hesitate to let us know over at