East Moline, Illinois
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I purchased a mattress from Rooms to Go warranted against sagging. Rooms to Go has replaced this mattress with three defective mattresses and I'm upset that they can't get it right.

It has cost me a minimum of 40 hours wait time and they don't seem to care. I'm disabled and I need a firm mattress that doesn't sag. I weigh about 140 lbs. This is a

Serta Perfect Sleeper(Avalon Lake) mattress.

I would like some results and a cure to this problem.

I feel that I have very patient regarding this matter. Thank You.

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I'm looking at the website and the Avalon lake is a pillowtop mattress. You ***, Pillowtops are not firm mattresses. Get the mattress you actually need before complaining about the cheap one you went for.


I understand your frustrations and would like to look further into your concerns! If possible, please email us your order information to tellus@tellus.com.


Ever think it your bed ***-not like you don't have enough time to *** and moan. :zzz