Houston, Texas

I purchased a living room set and after it was delivered realized that it was the most uncomfortable, cheaply made furniture I had ever owned not to mention the fact that it was too much for my living room. I called customer service and asked it I could return it for exchange and they informed me that once its delivered I am basically stuck with it.

They said I should have "layed on couch in showroom" before I decided to purchase. Sorry I'm just not one that lays out on a couch in a showroom. I didn't ask for refund, just wanted to exchange for something different and said I would pay to have pick up and return. Bottom line is they would not work with me at all so I'm stuck with over 2k worth of furniture that I absolutely hate.

Will never shop at RTG again and will inform everyone that ever mentions it to me.

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Should have known better...never had problems with STAR FURNITURE

Monetary Loss: $2200.

  • and recliner
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