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I am so disappointed with rooms to go (RTG). The only thing that was correct about that store was the salesman.

I purchased a dining room set, bedroom set and a reclining sofa. ( I also purchased a recliner for my bedroom, which I am canceling for this Tuesday)

The bench from the dining room set was damaged on both sides, the dining table was chipped underneath. The sofa was damaged on the bottom, looking as if it had been scrapped on concrete or something. Nothing was wrapped or packaged. When I asked the delivery guys why nothing was packaged, he responded that it was easier for them to carry if they removed the packaging. The bedroom set, different delivery and fee, was delivered with a damaged foot board and not enough support to hold the mattress.

So, since they were already coming out to check the couch and dining set, they also added the bed foot board to that appointment.

Needless to say, I am not pleased with the results... The repair person literally spray painted the bench and the table for the dining set and that was all, no repair. The man also literally spray painted my sofa (are you kidding me? ) and scratched it even worse while using a dirty rag to rub it in. I was absolutely speechless, so angry that I had to leave the room.

I can't even explain what he did to the foot board... he was spraying and putting some clay or something on the foot board.

Then he wiped the foot board with the same dirty rag which now caused there to be a dull and shiny foot board... and no he did not repair it. There is still a gash in this foot board. I called customer service and was told that it would take 3-5 days for the report from the "repair man".

Now, this same sofa, as I sat down to recline is already sinking. It has not even been a full month. Now I have to deal with the headache of contacting these people again. These problems with the furniture, delivery and customer service are new to me. I've never dealt with such before, just ridiculous. Also to mention, I did find the missing piece from the broken foot board on the floor under the foot board while in that bedroom. Funny how the delivery guy said that it must have happened at the warehouse, yet the missing piece is in the bedroom. Hilarious!!!

Yes, I will be canceling the recliner... most likely when I call to report the sinking reclining sofa.

I know quite a few people that are moving to this area. I will give them fair warning about ROOMS-TO-GO.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rooms To Go Repair.

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