Wekiva Springs, Florida
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What a pain to buy from them first and last. Never again. Poor customer service :(

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I had a sofa set for over 20 years. It was good but I wanted an upgrade.

First mistake - going to Rooms to Go.

The first set was defective and I asked for a refund. They refused so I got another one. There was something wrong with that one too. I kept the third set because they refused to exchange.

I had it 3 years and the sofa is unusable - like sitting on springs. I went to store in McAllen, TX, they said I had to contact customer service. I did. They refused to help.

I tried to reason with them but it is impossible. They said warranty had run out. However I told them I did not expect a sofa set to break in only 3 years. They refused to send anyone to repair sofa.

The sofa is truly unusable. I have read some of the complaints after the purchase.

My mistake.

My question is why isn't there a class action lawsuit against this company. Clearly they should not be selling furniture of such poor quality.