Killeen, Texas
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Purchased a living room package,after delivery I noticed scratches on the coffee table. I called and spoke to manager in killeen tx store only to be told he would only refund 80% of purchase price and they keep 20% plus I will have to pay 60.00 for them to pick it up the tables.

Folks please know there are no refunds with this store! The furniture looks good in the store but the stuff they deliver is not of good quality.

It almost as though they buy stuff refurnished it and sell to their customers and once you buy it you are stuck with it. DONT BUY!!!!!!q

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If your issue is only with scratches found on the table, you should've called the 1-800 customer service number that's listed in your pamphlet (containing your invoice/receipt) right away. If you would've read the information, it would tell you to call customer service immediately so they can assist you.

I know because I've had a similar issue and had no problem with them switching my damaged item for a new one and didn't pay anything for them to deliver it to my home.

Your complaint is conflicting because you're not wanting to exchange your damaged item for another one, you're wanting a refund. Again, all the information is contained in your pamphlet. The refund policy is listed there and should be no surprise to you.

This is simply a case of buyers remorse being passed off as blame to a damaged item which could've easily been rectified.