Los Angeles, California
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did you know that you can write a letter to the attorney general's office in your state and make your complaint to someone who can actually help you. this website is a joke, where's the part of this site where rooms to go actually makes good on any of these complaints?

is this just a website to vent and that's it. write the letter to your attorney general's office, do it professionally and don't use profanity. they will get rooms to go off their butts and stop taking advantage of consumers. i was going to buy a living room sectional from rooms to go but this is to many complaints for comfort.

they must not care about quality. if some of you would stand up for your rights they might stop ripping you off. also, how about going on line and letting that model lady know about your complaints she probably doesn't even know what a bad deal you got.

she probably doesn't shop rooms to go.

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Perhaps this is not well known, but Rooms to Go was formed by the same guys that ran a northeast furinture called Seamens. Seamens had the most inferior furniture there was and a lousy customer service to boot. They drove that store out of business and now doing it over again at "Doom and Gloom to go".