Pompano Beach, Florida

My wife made a mistake of buying a child's bedroom set and a and a Queen size matterss set. My wife bought this over 2 years ago for $1600.00 and has been paying all this time.

and is still owes them $1100.00 after all this time while paying $325.00 per month. By my calculations that over $7800.00.

This is not the first time I heard the story from other people that shopped at the store in the Miami Lakes part of Dade County. I was sent a person to collect a payment which they told my wife she had till Friday to pay, they came on a Wednesday night and demanded their product at first I was pissed then I said their has to be other's that have been through this same mess with this company.

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Agreed, rooms to go is awful in every sense of the word. BAD BUSINESS.

They make it very difficult to pay first of all. Our bills come on different days, allowing us varied times to pay since the dues date stays the same. Sometimes we aren't billed. Try speaking to a representitive..

its impossible. Try going to the store to pay a bill, you can't. The quality is ***. The wood scratches with a fingernail.

Don't buy from them, and don't try for credit either because they will find a lender like a shady loneshark and you will regret it when they don't send you a bill and that interest-free financing you had is gone and your rate jumps to 29.99%. Shady shady shady.


I just found out today, that they try to sell and make any promises about any services.... but when they have the money in their pockets they will deny and run away whatever promises they made,like with Warranties.They practice what other third-world countries do:"When the goods are out of the door ,that's it,no returns, exchanges,refunds,etc."


You guys are rediculious... I love how people can be so tuff on the internet but are a bunch of *** online.

I personally with my partner bought a living room set and a bedroom set from rooms to go. We made ever payment on time, as well, we had to have our furniture replaced 5, FIVE, times because of the *** quality they come in. Its just the 2 of us and we have had to purchase 5 different sets of living room furniture. The wood scratches just touching the other furniture.

no sealant or scratch protector on any of their furniture. Also, we were told on a 7k purchase our payments would be 180 bucks, we are paying 400 a month because their finance companies, G E Money and TD BANK cant get their *** right. So i feel for the original poster. You guys are so *** for attacking people.

You dont even know this guy or his situation is. We have been paying on time for 3 years, and they are still saying we owe thousands! we pay 400 a month! 36 X 4 is 14400.


Lucky for us, we have receipts for all of it with our bank and yet they still are calling us liars. Bad billing department and *** *** quality furniture.


Dear mr f u......why be so hostile? look at society the way it is today and you will see that people do not take responsibility for their actions.

people just tend to react and curse people out...(oh wait look what you did ...). Smarter than the average bear does not seem to have an attitude. If you were to read the orignal post and just look at the facts you will that the bear is right. and that there is no wonder why that the original poster is in such hot water financially anyway.

Sounds like you might be the original poster and if you are then it is no wonder why you are so mad as the bear probably hit a nerve with the post. the truth hurts sometimes and just accept responsibilty for being a financial failure.

hopefully you are young enough to recover from this and if not then you are too old to recover and will pass your burden on to your children upon your death. oh well so much for telling the truth and i am on to other post to spring the truth onto others who don't want to look at their life.


The financing is typically through third parties, whom have their own terms and conditions. I’m sorry to hear about the problems you are experiencing with your finance account. If you would like to email us the order details at tellus@roomstogo.com, we will be more than happy to look over your account and provide any contact information for the finance company that we may have.


hey mr retarded bear, why dont you take you smug arrogant attitude and shove it up your *** *** you *** *** ***


Sounds to me like you should have read the financial agreement before you signed it. I know that if I was paying $325 a month, after the 5th month I would have been wondering whats going on.

I would not have paid on it for 19 more months then wondered where my money went. Sounds like you used another loan agency based in the store not affiliated with RTG. This is for people who have bad credit and it sounds to me like you have the money sense of a 4 year old. Plus RTG does not have a collections department.

You had to have used the "i have *** credit" department. So it looks to me like some self blame is in order. i hate to see people pointing fingers at other people to shift blame away from the *** mistakes one makes. Using the old excuse " it's not my fault someone else did it ".

Take a look at your own life and see where you went wrong as a person ( and don't say shopping at RTG ) look at yourself inside and accept some self responsibility for your *** life and credit. :cry