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I bought a dinning set table at Rooms To Go in Orange Park, Florida on January 24th, 2012 with one year Manufacturing warranty in the seller's contract. The edge of the top of table started swelling after two months, then I called the store and they begun processing claims for the manufacturing warranty and here is a story: They sent a lady show up at my house with nothing at her hand (no pen, paper ,or camera) and get what? She went out of my house after 15 seconds with gave me the biggest surprise and confused me. I did complain to customer services and they sent a second guy to my house, this time the guy had camera and some paper. Today I got their phone call. They stated themselves that the table had been damaged by water and that it was our fault. They stated that in the manufacturing warranty there was nothing that covered water damage. What a shock! Believe me I did nothing with that table and I felt insulted out of my intelligent, the feeling of being ripped off, and having lied to. I told them that your company is scam and that I already knew because I just read it all over the internet, whenever you did not want to fix, exchange... then you can just dictate any bad reasons on the head of customers because the money had been in your pocket .I just paid my third payment of two years financing plan.

I must admit this is my biggest mistake in my life to have set foot in Rooms To Go to buy a table without researching the company's credibility on the internet first. I recognized it when i saw a lot of people filed complaining about bad customer service ,scams, and lack of quality in Room To Go.

The table set was made in VietNam and cost $1250. I concluded that the quality of products from Room To Go are terrible and their one year Manufacturing warranty is garbage. Buyers beware!

I will post this to any forums on internet, Websites wherever customers discussion about the Services of Room To Go.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rooms To Go Warranty.

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Was it the Aniston dining room set?


"The water damage" was what you said!I do not think it is damaged by water.It is a bad quality product .Room To Go starts the practice of business like other third-world countries.Whatever that goes out the door they deny to return, exchange, refund, etc.SCAM SCAM SCAM BUYERS BEWARE! It is just the beginning I will post this wherever I can.I know I might not win but I will take any chance to let the people know your scam.



Rooms To Go takes pride in the quality of the products that we provide, and stand behind all new purchases with a one year warranty. Excess water or condensation, if left on the wood, can cause the wood to swell. Unfortunately this not considered a manufacturer defect.

If you would like to email us the details of the situation to, we would be more than happy to take a closer to look to see what options may still be available.