Greensboro, North Carolina
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After spending approximately 5500.00 with your store I can say it has been a very horrible experience. I received my first delivery of my two ticket order numbers xxxxx and xxxxx on 3/19/13.

I came to the store and made an exchange of some pieces. Pick up and exchange occurred on 4/2/13. TV chest delivered on 3/19 was damaged. Server delivered on 3/19 was damaged.

Console delivered on 4/2 was damaged. Repair man came on 5/7 and further damaged furniture. I submitted photos to RTG was told I could exchange all 3 pieces except the server was discontinued so I would either need to pick out a new one or receive a 15% discount = 67.50. Next delivery scheduled for 6/27 to replace TV chest and console.

6/27 TV chest and console delivered- TV chest in good condition, console once again damaged. Sent back with truck. Contacted RTG discussed damaged console said order would be flagged and warehouse supervisor would inspect prior to delivery. Would offer 20 % on Server and no more 90.00 I had 30 days to decide.

I informed I had been to the store and can't find another I like and that 90 dollars doesn't pay to repair what I have. 6/19-deliver console- box sealed- not inspected- back corners smashed damaged as before. Sent back to truck and not accepted. Spoke with April.

Tried to negotiate rate on server. Rate not accepted. Promised warehouse supervisor would open console box and inspect console prior to delivery.

7/26- received call from driver they were on their way at approx 7:45am. Received voicemail from Trisha at 8:15 stating her driver was at the end of my driveway and couldn't make it down my driveway to deliver.

I returned the call to dispatch. Trisha was very rude. Obviously RTG has delivered here many times before. I won't even get into the rudeness of the dispatcher at this point.

My brother met the driver. The driver was expecting my brother to drive him along with the console once the box was opened. The box had not been inspected. The box was opened.

The console was once again damaged. This time on the back lower corner with exposed wood. As far as Im concerned you can come pick up the entire order. You can't get what I have right.

I paid a decorator to get a certain look for my home and now I have damaged furniture. Come get it ALL. I've read RTG reviews on line. Shame on me!

I'm posting here just for starters.

I've been very patient. 5 deliveries later not so much.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rooms To Go Repair.

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We do apologize for the disappointment you are experiencing. It is definitely abnormal to go through this many attempts at delivery.

We would like to look further into this for you, so please email us at "Attention Pissed Consumer" along with your order details. Again we apologize with how your experience has gone and do look forward to hearing from you.