Lawrenceville, Georgia
Not resolved

Bought a LR set on Monday. They drafted against my acct on Monday and committed to Friday delivery between 1PM and 5PM.

Left me 2 messages confirming delivery on Tuesday. Left me a message Thursday after 4PM to reschedule. I called back, got a recording and told them "NO, I planned my whole week around their schedule". Got a call Friday at 11:45 AM, they are at my house, I have 15 minutes to be there or they are leaving.

They take my money, make me wait 4 days with a 4 hour delivery window and give me 19 hour notice to reschedule.

I called corporate..."sorry", called store manager and said "deliver or cancel the order"...He said "we will cancel", called "Customer Care Center"..."sorry". How do they stay in business?

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Finally got my money back...they drafted it out of my account the day I purchased the furniture they never delivered. It took 3 phone calls to get my credit processed and 2 weeks to get a check that I had to take back to the bank to deposit, so I was without my money for 3 weeks.


RTGNightmare – I did receive your email request, and apologize for the delay in our response. After looking over the notations on the account, I followed up with the CS department that you spoke with and had one of our representatives contact you directly.


Placed and order with Chris Rushby. He has dropped off the face of the earth!

Took my money and has an answer service office. Wont return my emails or calls.

FRAUDULENT!! Going to report 'Rooms that run away with your money' to the police!


I guess David_Johnson comments on these reports just to make readers think they are on top of it. He is as useless as the rest of the people at RTG. I responded to him and haven't heard back.


Something certainly doesn’t add up. If you can email us your order information at, we would like to go over the account information to see what happened with your delivery.