Boca Raton, Florida
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Bought the Key West Dark Pedestal 5 Pc Diningroom set and I should have known when I recieved 4 broken chairs in a row and then they wanted to fix the last one and wouldnt give me a new. After 3 weeks and talking to every manager I finally got a new chair.

I thought this was made of wood...thats a joke. The paint is chipping off of every chair and the pedestal of the table. It cant be made of wood.

China must churn these out for pennies and they charge $1600.00 dollars. Cindy Crawford must be getting paid big bucks to have her name on these pieces of dog dodo.

Rooms that Blow Never again!

City Furniture is off the list too!

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The store rep said they would deliver until 10pm so me working from 8-5 was no problem. Yeh rite...i have waited a month for my furniture and finally they deliver on a saturday and pieces were missing.

Now they wont even work with me on a delivery time after 5pm. They are all total *&*&^)*)(*_(*^%%!!!


Thats a even bigger joke then your furniture...your customer service. I wouldn't waste mine time on the phone just to become more dissatisfied with your cheap junk you call furniture.

Buyers BEWARE and ready the warranty information very carefully. The warranty says there is not Warranty!!!


I'm sorry to hear about the problems that you are experiencing with the set and would like to look further into your concerns.

If possible, please email me your order information to