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Timeline synopsis:

02/16 - ordered furniture

03/01 - furniture arrived, missing chair, incorrect dining set

03/01-02 - multiple phone calls attempting to schedule redelivery

03/03 - multiple phone calls, told to “deal with” the incorrect dining set

03/04-05 - multiple phone calls attempting to schedule redelivery

03/08 - loveseat arrives at 4:45pm (9a-1p window, 1 hour call ahead received at 3), multiple phone calls to correct as was supposed to be a chair. Delivery men advise they have no tools to put together the dining set, tools the “reappear” as I am speaking with management.

03/13 - waited for second redelivery, 12p-4p window, arrived at 6:30p, left rude messages for me, I left a message for the store manager to call me Friday

03/14 - left 2 additional messages for manager, finally reaching him on third attempt, too late for Sat redelivery, was not allowed to pick up the chair I had purchased, was told would schedule another delivery for after 5p.

03/18 - was advised it was MY problem that the delivery was full of errors, was advised that they in the rest of the company have no control over the delivery drivers, was advised that I would need to give up another day to wait for them to deliver. I was made very aware that my $2k sale means nothing to a company so large, and I was yelled at by a customer service representative.

03/19 - final correction achieved, I had to leave work to achieve it.


Full story:

I visited a Rooms to Go show room in University City on Feb 16, 2008. I was moving to Charlotte and needed the furniture delivered after the move. I purchased a dining and a living room set (consisting of a couch and oversized chair, the invoice stated “loveseat,” I thought this was what they called the oversized chair), and the salesman and I agreed that it would be delivered on March 1, my move in date.

On March 1, the furniture arrived, half an hour past my allotted window. I did not complain about it at the time, as I had the time to spare at the moment.

They forgot” to load the oversized chair on the truck, this made me a little upset, but I conceded that it would be fine if it could be re-delivered on March 3 or 4 as I could have someone home at that time to receive it. I spoke with 2 customer service agents regarding this, and the fact that the dining set was wrong. Since the dining set was wrong the delivery people didn't put it together, as they would just have to take it apart again, so it was sitting in pieces in my dining area.

I spoke to Jenny first, she was pleasant and advised she will do anything to get this resolved. She advised she would speak to a supervisor first thing on Monday to get the re-delivery scheduled.

A moment after hanging up with Jenny, Ashley called, to see how my delivery went. I advised her of the same issues I had spoken to Jenny about, and Ashley advised that the table delivered was indeed what I had ordered, and to change that I would have to speak to my salesman, she would contact him and have him call me.

On March 2 I called and spoke to another customer service rep, who advised that there is nothing they can do for me over the weekend to verify the re-delivery or to change the order.

On March 3 I called and was advised by Betty that they could not correct the dining set, I would have to deal with it. I was also advised that they had my re-delivery scheduled for Wednesday March 5. I advised at that time I had not authorized that as no one would be at my home to receive the delivery, I had to work and so does everyone else I know. I was advised in that case I would need to call back 2 business days after the scheduled date to re-schedule. I advised that was not acceptable and asked for a supervisor. I was told that I could not speak to a supervisor now, but one would call me back within 24 hours.

I called the sales man, who advised that the dining set is what I ordered, I must be incorrect, it just looks darker in my living room then it did in the showroom. What I ordered was square and oak, what I have is round and cherry.

10 minutes later I got a call from their automated system confirming the delivery on Wednesday.

On March 4, exactly 24 hours after my previous call, I called and asked why no supervisor had called me, the service rep could not tell me but would be glad to help. I advised that I would not be discussing the situation with anyone except a supervisor as I had gone over it too many times and have taken too much time from my work schedule already. I was told to leave Tammy a voicemail message and she would call me right back.

Tammy called back later, I advised of the situation and she agreed to reschedule delivery for Saturday. She advised she couldn't guarantee a time, but they would call my cell 1 hour prior to arriving. She advised that nothing could be done about the dining set, as it was what I ordered. I advised in that case I would need it assembled when they brought the oversized chair. She also advised that I would receive a full credit on my next statement of the $150 delivery charge.

On Saturday, I called the automated system which informed me they would be at my home between 9a-1p. I waited... Then I received a call stating they would be late and my window would be 11a-3p. I advised I was not happy, but that they should call 1 hour before as I had errands to run. I was advised that they didn't have me down for a call ahead before, but they could do me the favor of putting it down now.

At 2:15p my errands were run and I wanted to leave town. I called customer service and asked what the status was, Thomas Sciarrino advised that they were running late due to the weather (he could not explain what that meant, since it was sunny and clear all day in the area) but that they would call ahead, I asked for a supervisor, I was told there was none. Thomas also advised they had done nothing wrong and I would not be refunded my delivery charge, I advised that I had been told otherwise, and he said Oh, well, then you will.

At 2:56p I received my 1 hour call ahead. I went directly home and waited... At 4:45pm the delivery showed up. The delivery man advised that he could not put the table (still in pieces on the floor) together, because he did not have tools to do it, they were only supposed to be delivering that day. I asked who I need to call regarding this, as I cannot have a dining set in pieces on the floor any longer. They advised I would have to call customer service, the same place I had now spoken with repeatedly. I called the store while they brought in the oversized chair and the assistant manager called the dispatcher while I was on hold. The delivery men brought in a loveseat and set it in my living room. I advised this was not right, and they looked at me blankly, then the store asst mgr came back on the line and I told her that I now have a loveseat, when I ordered a chair. She put me on with the manager, Trip. While I was discussing the discrepancy with Trip, the delivery men reentered and began silently putting together the table (apparently their tools magically reappeared). Trip advised he would call me back as soon as he got in front of his computer to see what could be done. I was advised I should keep the loveseat in the meantime, though I told him and the delivery men that I was not comfortable with that arrangement.

Twenty-five minutes later the salesman, David, called. He advised he had made a mistake on the invoice and that we would have to schedule a re-delivery to switch the loveseat with the chair. He advised that Thursday, March 13, would be the soonest available date. I advised that would be fine, however I would need a 30 minute call ahead because I would have to come from work to meet them. I called customer service on Monday and confirmed the same, I called again on Tuesday and confirmed the delivery window of 12-4p. I advised at that time I would not be available after 5p.

On Thursday I had not been called by 3:30pm, so I called customer service. I spoke with another man who advised there was nothing he could do, he cold not reach the dispatcher. He advised the dispatcher would call me back. He also advised that the timeframes given are a courtesy, not at all a promise, and that I should expect to be available on the delivery date from 7a - 10p.

At 4:20p the dispatcher called me to advise it would be 40 minutes until the delivery arrived. I advised that was not acceptable as I would not be available after 5p, she advised there was nothing she could do about it. She refused to provide her employee ID or last name, I spoke with her supervisor, Mary, who advised that though she is the manager of the delivery center, there is nothing she can do about the scheduling of deliveries. She advised someone would call when the delivery was 10 minutes away. They showed up at my home at 6:30p, after I had left, and left a very rude message on my voicemail about how I would need to reschedule, though they had already been advised I would not be there.

The same day I spoke to the assistant store manager again, she advised that she would have the delivery rescheduled and the manager on duty on Friday would call me Friday to confirm. She also told me that they could likely get a short notice redelivery scheduled for Saturday as long as it was scheduled by 2p on Friday.

At 11am Friday I called the store and was advised the manager in charge, Jeff, was not in but would call me back. I called again at 12:30p, left another message, and then again at 3p. At 3p, Jeff was available to take my call, I advised that I was very upset that I had to call 3 times after I had already left a message the previous day. He advised he would try to help me. I advised of the situation, that it was unacceptable to ask me to take another full day to wait for them to correct their mistake. I advised I was willing to come pick up my chair. He advised I could not do that unless I brought the loveseat, I let him know that I did not want the loveseat, but I also was not going to be carrying it anywhere since I did not order it, or ask for it, and I ahd asked for it to be taken back upon receipt. I advised that I have now done far more than my part in getting their errors corrected and I expect a redelivery scheduled for after 5p, so I could be there without having to leave work.

The following Monday I received an automated call advising that my delivery was scheduled for Wednesday, March 19. On Tuesday I called to confirm the time, and was told 8a-12p. I advised that I should not have to leave work for another attempted correction of their mistake. I asked for a supervisor, as customer service reps cannot make changes to the delivery times. Chris called me back. He advised that it was MY problem that the errors had been made, and that I would need to work around them. At this point I became very upset and asked for his manager. He refused to connect me, he then told me that he would have her call me back but that he would be calling me back to confirm the time later. He was very close to threatening as he advised that I needed to listen to him, he was actually yelling at me at one point (this can be verified by my co-workers). I advised that I no longer wanted to speak to him and he was not to call me regarding anything ever. I advised that I wanted his manager to call me back.

Mindy Nichols called me back, I let her know that this is not “my problem” that the order was wrong, and I asked what could be done at this point to correct it. She advised that they are a very large company which has been in business for a very long time, she apologized that I felt like they had taken my money and then not held up their end of the bargain (note the apology was that I felt that way, not for what had occurred). She was very self righteous in her declaration of what a big company it is and made sure to let me know that my sale meant nothing to them. She advised she cannot control the deliveries or the drivers. Basically, the drivers run themselves, with no one in charge.

On Wednesday I received a call at 9a, the delivery driver advised he would be at my house in half an hour. I asked where he was, he said arriving at the delivery before mine, I asked how far that delivery was from my home, he advised 20 minutes. I advised he should call me back when he leaves that delivery, as I was 20 min from my home as well, he hesitated and wasn’t sure he could do that. I let him know that if he did not then I would not be at my house. He advised he would call me in 15 minutes. Forty-five minutes later he called and advised he was 20 minutes from my house. I left work at that point and arrived at the same time I did.

I finally received the chair and they took the loveseat.

It is also of note that the warehouse where the delivery was coming from is in Charlotte, not far from my home, it would have been very simple for them to schedule me as the first or last delivery of the day, giving a pretty solid time. However, they refused to do this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rooms To Go Sales Representative.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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no, you're dumb. and you need to go back to whatever other country you are from because your english is absolutely horrible.


It's funny that out of all your blabbering they told you on how to get what your issue resolved fast, and you just sat on your ***. And you pick days that you can only accept deliveries at certain times instead of a day to when you can be be home and not worry...and omg drivers come late...its the end of the world.

maybe if you grew up when you should have, you wouldnt have been crying about what was going on and actually done the right then in the first place and called your sales person.

when ashley told u to. loser