Concord, North Carolina
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This summer I went to rooms to go in Columbia SC, and spent about $2,000, I had to go in twice because the first lady who walked me through the showroom acted like she didnt have time. I finally got what I wanted and the delivery guys came, one spoke english and with every piece of furniture they had to bring up stairs they would say no no it wont fit.

When they got my bed ready they left it half set up and told me they will have to send u a new head board? Two days later I had a scheduled appointment they came and left in 5min they didnt wait for my son to get downstairs, so a reschedule drop off was for that weekend I waited n waited and nothing. I called n they said ur order has been sent back it should take about 3 days??

All this for some screws thes lazy *** didnt want to screw in. I will never go back there again WORSE SERVICE EVER.

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sheesh! thank goodness I pulled up this site!

I'll be sure to go to some other furniture store. I am guessing David Johnson from RTG is a computer...seems to have the same replies for everyone but no one seems to have had anything done to relieve the problems with furniture purchases.


If you are planning on buying from Rooms to Go, remember this you pay for what you get. And don't get sucked into the free items, cause as you well no there is nothing free.

You will dearly for the TV.

Or as they put we will give a gift card at Best Buys and you can get what you want. A word from the wise DON"T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So i filed a complaint on here and got that same generic response from that David guy at Rooms To Go. Did u email him and get anything done? I'm not sure if i should email them or not they are good a b/s'ing over the phone god only knows what they would be like via email


O wow!I was thinking of buying bedroom furniture this weekend at the 18hrs sale in Norcross & Forest Park, GA but with all these negative reviews, I guess I'll check else where.

I have a whole house to furnish & had been thinking of rtg, but way too many negative reviews, if rtg isnt paying attention you'ld be loosing good business soon.


I’m surprised to see that you experienced such issues with your delivery. If you can email us your order details at, we would be glad to look over your account.