Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
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The kitchen table I ordered came with three large cracks in the top and deep scratches (down to bare wood). I contacted customer service and was told that they would send out a repair tech...

I insisted on new furniture since I should not have to pay full price for damage furniture. They spent several weeks arranging a new delivery... Once the much anticipated arrival came, it was just as damaged! I called customer service and the local store manager to complain.

They offered another exchange.. This occurred three times... The third was the first table brought back to me again. (Confirmed by the delivery person).

I contacted the customer service line again and was told that no more furniture would be delivered, and that a repair tech WOULD BE coming to my home to inspect the furniture. When the repair tech came, he agreed with me and told me that I should request a refund, if not they should at least offer a 30 % discount...The repair tech went on to tell me how sorry he was that the company was "difficult to deal with". He said, "they will tell you that they don't do refunds but if you push hard enough they will." He also said, "They actually tell us to look for things in people's houses to blame the damage on, such as a small child or pet." He explained to me that part of their training is to tell the consumer that their dog could have caused the scratches or their child probably dropped something on it. The only problem is that it was delivered that way and I insisted on having the delivery guys note it in their delivery paperwork.

I contacted customer service with the recommendation of the repair tech, and was told that he didn't document anything other than there were a few scratches. I insisted that I wanted a refund and was told that corporate doesn't have the power to do that. I contacted the local store manager and told him that if they didn't refund the furniture I would personally not stop until I saw the store close from bad press. He finally said, "what do you want from me??" I said, "refund my $1,000 and I will never shop in your store ever again." He agreed...

it took a few weeks and several phone calls to get the refund. I even had to contact American Express to help. After many weeks..

and AMEX's help the money was credited to my card. PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF FROM THIS TIME CONSUMING NIGHTMARE....

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Having a problem with them myself right now. Wish I had read this first!


Having a problem with them myself right now. Wish I had read this first!


Wow – that certainly does sound like quite a hassle. I can promise you that we certainly do not train our technicians in that manner.

Should a customer experience any problems with their furniture our goal is to work with the customer to reach a satisfactory resolution as quickly as possible.

I’m glad to hear that in the end, you did receive the return as you desired.

But I would certainly still like to look further into the situation to see what may have went wrong so that we can prevent this from occurring again! If you would like to take the time and email us your order details to, it certainly would be much appreciated!