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so I don't look like a *** right off the bat.. after spending $4k in furniture, we had a piece delivered that was damaged.

Rooms To Go set up free delivery/replacement of the damaged piece. we decided we would like to upgrade one of our pieces in our sectional to a recliner. pay the difference of $100 and have it delivered at the same time as the piece that is already set up for delivery. no charge, right?

WRONG.. the upgraded piece is in the same warehouse, would be on the same truck, and delivered at the same time as the damaged piece. They want to charge me $65 for delivery of a piece I am upgrading to... Jim Griffin / Antonio Rucker thinks it makes more sense to go as far as losing us as customers, would have to resell used furniture at a discounted rate which was confirmed would be at half the price of the original sale..

to save $65 and make the customer happy. Those of you in business, know this is a *** business decision. I will recommend, Star Furniture, Ashley Furniture, Haverty's for your furniture needs. We have attempted to remedy this situation, and it makes more sense to have unhappy customers than to put an upgraded piece on the truck delivering a damaged piece at the same no charge.

of course it makes perfect sense if we called out of the blue to upgrade a piece to pay the delivery charge, but not when they are bringing a damaged piece already. good Luck if you venture this route for your future furniture needs. Myself and my wife have both left numerous messages with the sales team and management and have had zero return calls.

Samantha our sales person was however great. She is wasting her god given sales talent away at Rooms-to-go.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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This is alysouth77 again. I'm sorry you had the same problem.

I posted this on every website I could find and eventually heard back from rooms to go corporate. Guess what they did? NOTHING. we now live in Wilmington north Carolina where we arrived to have a lady tell me they have the best prices in town, yet I just left another store and had photos of the furniture and their prices(she told me I was lying) that there was no way.

My response, yes yes I did in fact create my very own personal furniture sale signs from my home computer print them out and take photos of them just so I could come in here and lie to you. We were looking at mattresses, she flat out told us we couldn't afford the ones we were looking at. Holy mother of God are you kidding me, honey we make twice if not more, than you do selling your furniture on commission. How dare you.

Went back to the previous mattress store bought the exact ones she said we couldn't afford. Paid $4609 (Not financed) on three mattresses and a pillow. Don't tell me what I can afford.

I will not return to a rooms to go EVER. This was last weekend, Wilmington north Carolina store.


NEVER IN YOUR LIFE SHOP ROOMS TO GO, stay as far away as only possible. We shopped at the same store as alysouth77, with Samantha being our extremely pushy sales person, ended up buying a mattress we do not like after trying it for a week, and no possible means to return it.

Nobody cares if we have aproblem, nobody informs you at the time of your purchase that this company's policy is ABSOLUTELY NO RETURNS unless damaged, and nobody cares if you cancel the rest of your order, - that is after you pay them 20% off your purchase total. I have never in my life had anyone treating their customers in such horrible manner, or not giving returns at all.

NEVER AGAIN. Stay clear off of them too!!!


We have seen your posts on other sites and have responded. Again we do apologize for the disappointment you are experiencing. Please email us at TellUs@RoomsToGo.com "Attention Pissed Consumer" along with your order details so we can investigate this further for you.