Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Someone I went to school with worked at the Rooms To Go in Baton Rouge. He didn't work there very long because he said the manager was difficult to work with and showed favortism to some employees.

I was told not to apply for employment there because the manager does not tell you about all the requirements such as the sales staff has to work every weekend; and every holiday has a major sale that is mandatory to work. Whew! The manager lied to him saying he could make tons of money from commissioned sales but he has to scam customers into purchasing a warranty which is really not a warranty but some sort of fabric protection where they give the unsuspecting suckers, I meant customers some little bottles of cleaner. He was told the fabrics on Rooms To Go furniture is already pre-treated anyway.

Wow. This brand won't continue to have loyal customers with this type of business as usual.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rooms To Go Warranty.

Reason of review: Employment.

Rooms To Go Cons: Add on services.

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Seems like these warranties and protection plans offered by Rooms To Go are just a way to get additional money from hard working customers for low quality products. What are customers paying for if Rooms To Go is not honoring these warranties?

And we customers wouldn't need to buy additional warranties if Rooms To Go products were quality anyway.

Why the heck are they wasting their customer's time sending service technicians out when this company knows up front they won't fix the problems?


Sorry to hear about this. If you are interested in working for us we’d love for you to come in and see for yourself what a great company we are and form your opinion based on your own experiences.

We respect your friends opinion and apologize for the misconceptions they have as none of their experience is accurate or typical of Rooms To Go.


As a DISGRUNTLED customer of ROOMS TO GO in Baton Rouge, I would tend to believe the original post. I have had contact with the GENERAL MANAGER, and I can tell you he is the worst manager to ever deal with and knows absolutely NOTHING about customer service and does not care. I will NEVER shop here again and will also write to the celebrities that they pay to have their name associated with it and let them know the poor quality of business this company is.


He is a bad person..period!