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In Oct. of 2011 my husband and I went to the showroom I saw a the beautiful Whitmore Bedroom set display in a chocolate cherry finish.

I immediately fell in love with it and we purchased a total of 7 pieces. Bed, two nightstands, a dresser, mirror, television armoire and an adjustable bed by temperpedic. a week before delivery they told me they did not have the armoire as it had been discontinued. Sadly i had to settle for a chest.

1st delivery one of the nightstands and bed footboard had finish defects, the bed side board had a large crack ,mirror frame was scratched and mirror itself had an overspay of the frame finish. The dresser had a couple of scratches on top and I was missing the chest. About two weeks later they delivered a new nightstand, bed side and footboard and a new mirror. The footboard was in worse condition than the first so they took that back.

I had a technitian come out and he repaired the dresser top and cleaned the haze on my replaced mirror. 3rd delivery I had the footboard replaced and they finally brought my chest. I could not believe that the chest lower side had been damaged so badly it had a huge chunk of wood broken off. They put in for a re-delivery for a new chest.

4th delivery they brought my new chest and the finish is lighter than the rest of my furniture and it has finish defects and scratches. We set up a date for a technitian to come out to look at the chest to see if it was repairable. This morning 3/21/2012 we had a technitian come out but they were to call us first. We asked if he could wait 15 minutes minutes and he rudely said "I can only wait 10.

We actually got home in about 8 minues as we have a business down the road. We saw him pulling out of our neighborhood in a Rooms to go Van. We immediately called their office to see if they could get him to turn around and come back and they advised he said he could not. I cannot believe the bad experience we have had with Rooms to Go.

Why am i even having to settle for my furniture to be repaired. I paid good money for this furniture and here it is 5 months from the date of purchase and I do not even have a good complete set. This furniture line is not the same as their showroom line i mentioned before. The showroom furniture looks well made.

the stuff i am receiving is very poor quality.

I will never purchase furniture from this deceiving, low quality, bad customer service company ever again. Consumer Beware!!!

Monetary Loss: $4695.

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Rooms to go, that is more than a perception. We have had the exact same experience.

None of the items were as showroom! All damaged!! What a joke of a company!

Action speaks louder than words! I would be embarrassed to work for such a company!


That certainly is upsetting and can promise you that is not the perception that we want our customers to have! If you can email us your order details, we would like to take a look further into the situation to see what we can do to get this taken care of for you.

Please email us this information to us at