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A few weeks ago me and my wife were looking for a bed, we went to rooms to go and found a bed we liked and when we first walked in we were greeted by Roosevelt, who then asked what we were looking for. We told him we wanted a king size bed and he said please look around and find what you would like.

So we found what we wanted and then went to go look for him, we saw that he was helping another family. I know they get paid off commission so we just kind of started looking around some more and found an entertainment center we wanted. So about 30 minutes has passed and we are still waiting on Roosevelt to get done with the family. Finally he does and we show him that we wanted a platform bed.

I specifically asked does it come with this board thing under the mattress, he said yes it does. So we purchased it and waited for another week for it to come in and go pick it up. We get home and I start putting the bed together and I realize that its not the bed we ordered. I then called the next day and asked to speak with Roosevelt, he said "um, idk" the bed grew on my wife so I said its not a big deal but we are wanting the "Bunkie boards" he said "I can't give you those you have to buy them" I said no I'm not paying when you said everything comes with the bed.

He said ill tell my manager to call you........A week goes by no call and just the run around from him. So I decided to go up there and I met up with the store "manager" David Carreon. I tell him what's going on and he says "I'm not going to give you something for free" I then said I don't want something for free I want what I paid for. I told him hey simple math your willing to lose a customer that spent 2000.00 on merchandise over a piece of plywood.

And he said "yes" I told him that he's not a very good business man. Then proceeded to ask for his bosses info. He gave me the customer service line and says this is the number that he gives to upset people. I told him to come pick up his stuff and I'm not going to mess around with this stuff.

He said whatever and walked away. So don't ever go there go to a place that will treat you like someone spending money in their store.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Wow! This is really shocking to hear. Would you be able to send me your order info to


Why so I can get the run around from you as well I have called the gm and still waiting for him to call me back (its been 3 days since) he has no clue what customer service is or what its about. And then I called customer service and guess what, still waiting for that call back as well.

Its really obvious no one at your place cares about customers just the bottom dollar. But what you don't understand is if you treat people right they will keep coming back.


Sorry to hear that you feel this way. I would be happy to contact them for you. Should you change your mind you can always send your order info to me at


This makes me laugh every time I read RTG replying to customer complaint: Wow, this is really shocking to hear! Please send us your order to

What happen after?

The same run around as before.

Why is it shocking to you RTG? Everyone here complains are pretty much the same.

Why can't you guys do your job right? Why do we customer have to be pushed so far to write our complaints online?

@angry customer

Guess what guys....been 2 weeks and still no call back from these clowns. Maybe they should all have to take a customer service workshop


no kidding

RTG is a joke and they don't care how customers feel. Look at the list of complaints here, how many of them have been solved? :(


I purchased a queen set to take to ole miss and put in my daughters new apartment, drove 10 hours with it paid to have it unloaded and unboxed. There were zero instructions on putting the platform/arch headboard and frame together and (6) bolts included and a allen wrench that was too big for the 6.

There was no other hardware with it. So I'm waiting to get the things needed to drive back and start again.

I will never ever buy anything from RTG again, neither should you! Poor Poor customer service and do not care attitude.