Ocala, Florida
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AnonymousAPRIL 14, 2015 AT 7:44 PM

Tuesday, April 14, 2014 the delivery crew arrived to deliver a confirmed order. Prior to their arrival, the brewing chaos was somewhat set into motion because initially my order was cancelled without my knowledge. The diligent sales person worked to set the original delivery date in motion and on April 14, at 8:30 what was supposed to be our treasured anniversary gift arrived, in parts! First, a less than pleasant delivery crew put up a damaged headboard-strike 1, then they unboxed a severely damaged chest- strike 2, the posts used to support the bed were incorrect,which meant the bed could not be supported-strike 3. Upset and disappointed, I contacted the office. They were less than helpful and offered nothing to aid the situation. They determined that my bed could be supported by a bed frame and that they could randomly deliver parts here and there to satisfy my request-strike 4. I offered two options of my own because I did not think my purchase in excess of $5000 could be satisfied in this verbal transaction. I suggested they pick up all parts, including the mattress or refund all my money. They concluded that they would pick up all the bedroom pieces, but the mattress had to stay. They indicated that the mattress was not damaged,so I had to keep it. Annoyed beyond belief, I confirmed that I only wanted the mattress with the furniture set I selected. If I could not have it all, I did not want the mattress. They did not change their limited desire to satisfy and only concluded that they would get the furniture and not the mattress. In disbelief, I expressed a desire to communicate with their corporate office and to my dismay they welcomed the opportunity. In fact their exact declaration was "GO ahead and call, I have no problem with that!" Disbelief and disappointment overtook me and my emotions exploded, tears streamed from my eyes as our only, purchased anniversary gift became a nightmare.


Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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I agree with you . I'm having the same problems except they damaged my furniture upon delivery and the comment the only comment I got from driver was they will replace no sorry no thank you 3000 in furniture and they damaged 3 of 4 pieces delivered