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What a piece of ___ company!

We ordered a bedroom set in November before thanks giving and the order still isn't complete.

The store was nice enough and the salesman was very nice, but if they only knew the back end of their company, I wonder if they'd work there?

When the order finally was ready, I was told it would ship at 3 different times because of availability and back orders. The first order arrived 2 weeks after the order at 5 minutes past the Noon to 6 time frame they have me. No big deal until I saw what a rush the driver was in. He didn't introduce himself or anything he was just pissed off we took too long to answer the door while he was holding up a part of the bed. He just wanted to know where to put it. I showed him the room but he couldn't understand that the mattress wasn't for the same bedroom set, it was for a different room. So when I told him which mattress they were removing from the house he told me he'd see if he had enough time after he was done. By then I explained to him that he was here to deliver for me, I wasn't here for him. He didn't like that and answered disrespectfully in my own house so I showed him the door and kicked him out of my house. He wouldn't give me his name when I asked him and his poor partner didn't know what to say. 20 minutes later he sheepishly knocked on my door and agreed to remove everything.

Against me better judgement I rescheduled. When it finally came in in late January, it contained a broken lamp. I wouldn't have known about it since they "don't usually unpack the lamps". Unpacking it myself I found one to be crushed. Their policy is for the owner to keep it and they'll send a replacement. Well I was told the replacement would be here at the end of March! I was traveling and unable to meet the truck at the end of March and now they are telling me that they need to send out an evaluator to see the condition of the lamp! I told them that it's not repairable because it was crushed and broken into 3 pieces. After holding for 20 minutes they said they could replace it but that it won't be until The 1st week of May.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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I'm really sorry to hear about your experience. I would be happy to share the details with the appropriate teams. Would yo be able to send me your order info to