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We bought a bedroom set and mattress at rooms to go, glades boca raton.

They first set us up with a wrong spring box which made our bed extremely high to get to, sometimes mistakes happens, I understand.

When we first tried the mattress it appeared to be medium firm, beauty rest from simmons.

After a 2 month, I started having extreme bad back aches in the morning, I am 4 month pregnant so I assumed it was part of the pregnancy...

We left for a 9 day vacation and surprise, I slept like a baby, no waking up in the middle of the night in pain.

We got back home and 2 nights in my own bed, had me with the worst back spasms again, I knew the bed was bad for us. After 2 month we can see sagging already where we sleep.

We have been calling RTG on Sunday to speak with Julie the manager about returning the mattress, she was busy and going to call us back. We called 2 more times that day, she was still busy.

Called on Monday, she was still busy but she will call us back for sure...

called back on Tuesday, it was her day off, called back on Wednesday but it was her day off again... Called back Thursday morning and of course she is with a client but will call us back... called back 2 hours later, she is nowhere to be found.....

This is the worst customer service ever!!!!

We have a brand new king bed that we can not use and are sleeping in our old queen bed set in our King bedroom set, lovely...

Before you buy RTG, do your research about their return policy and customer service... I whish I had...

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Well, we were finally contacted by a representative of RTG, they scheduled for someone to come by the house and inspect the mattress.

The driver was going to call us an hour before his arrival.

The day off,a week later, we get a phone call from the driver saying that he was already at the house, we told him it would take us 20mins to get there, since he never called to say he was on his way...

Well he couldn't wait for us and said, sorry, you'll have to reschedule...


MR David Johnson, perhaps you should give us a direct number to reach you and take care of this personally...


Sounds like passing the buck to me.


The showroom management should have certainly better addressed your concerns, and I am sorry to hear that they did not assist you with the problem. Have you tried calling our customer care office?

Typically the showrooms should refer you to our customer care office if you have any issues with a product that you received. If you have not tried, our office can be reached at 1-800-766-6786 or feel free to email us directly at