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Excuse my French but Rooms to Go in the biggest piece of *** furniture store around. They could care less about their customers. The story begins...

I eagerly walk into a Rooms to Go store to purchase the Belmar Gentleman's Chest in green as an accent to my bedroom decor. The saleswoman was great, in and out, $700+ paid in cash. I inform the saleswoman that I would be back to purchase a furniture set for my son.

The furniture was delivered on time but to my surprise there was a huge hole at the top of the chest. Being the nice person that I am, I saved the delivery man the trouble of bringing the broken furniture up two flights of stairs and denied the delivery.

As soon as the delivery man leaves, I receive a call from Rooms to Go asking how the delivery went. I explain to the customer service rep that the piece of furniture was broken and I denied the delivery. She then informs me that the delivery man has told her the same. So, thinking that we are all on the same page, I ask for another delivery date. She drops the bomb explaining that I must wait 48 hours until I can schedule for a new piece of furniture and that I should have wasted the delivery man time by having him bring the furniture into my home.

48 hours later I call to schedule for a new delivery date and the my pleasure (sarcasm) it will be another week until I can have my furniture. Keep in mind that had my money on the spot. Yay!! It is delivery day; I wonder what awaits me now. This time the delivery man (dm) is late but at least the chest does not have *** on top. The furniture is brought up and assembled. Then, the dm leaves to get the door for the furniture. Well, Rooms to Go will never let you down, the door is not in the delivery truck! Learning from the previous experience, I kept the chest without the door.

By this time I should add RTG customer service to my Fav 5. I explain the door situation, ask that the door be sent UPS because I am not taking of work to wait for a door. Customer service says they will send the door UPS.

Today the door comes but I did not know that the UPS man wore a RTG shirt!!! Luckily my brother was home, for I was at work trying to make up for the money wasted with RTG. Well guess what else this time, the doors here but there is no hardware to assemble to door!! Now I know that my brother a logical person and doing the logical thing he denied the delivery. So yes, I will have to wait another 48 hours until I can schedule for a new door.

I hate to break my word to that nice saleswoman but I will not be back, also I will tell any and everyone not to purchase furniture from RTG. I am a hardworking, young, single mother, I do not fork over $700+ to just anyone. I am disappointed with the way Rooms to Go conducts business.

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We bought the chest and didn't have a problem until a couple of years later when the door just fell off! Come to find out they don't repair their furniture.

All it needs is the hardware for the top, not sure how it came undone, but it's missing a couple of pieces which makes me think they didn't have all the pieces to begin with.

Door always was a little crooked. Anyway, not sure how we're going to get the hardware to put the door back on...

@Debra Boland

We'd be happy to help any way we can. Care to email us your order info and the details on your experience to


I have the same problem .

I have ordered a complete bedroom set and to be my horror every piece comes on a different date and sales person did not bother to enter a delivery date for my gentelmans chest.

And I just calle dout of curiosity and they say no date is enetered I have paid entire ammount and they say it will take 3 months now.

I am shocked with this kind of service


Wow I was gonna purchase this same item but not now. thanks for the headz up!


I'm really sorry to hear about the problems that you have been having with the gentlemen's chest. If you can email me your order information at, I would love to look further into your concerns.


Their furniture is like throw away furniture ,I keep going back like a *** because of the financing, nobody beats it. .

If I had the cash this is the last place I would buy.ever since they opened their doors I have bought from them , and every piece of furniture that I bought had something wrong with it .

but they did fix (after calls,and calls) most of them or gave me a discount on the item. :(


I purchased a sleigh bedroom suite for my daughter in May 2008. The product was defective from day one, however now that the one year warranty is over nothing can be done.

They sent out Service Tech at least 3-4 times during that year to repair the frame on the bed. The bed for my 8 year old daughter is now completely ruined. The bed now sits on the floor with broken slabs underneath the bed, and wtih screws hanging on the outside of the frame. I am thoroughly disgusted, and will never purchase anything else from them.

The customer service rep and managers are extremely rude, and unprofessional when you call 1-888-502-5437. They have no customer service skills at all, and normally hang up on you once they repeat their standard line. Their standard line is "I'm sorry there is nothing else we can do, the warranty has expired." Keep in mind this is a sleigh bed for a 8 yr old, that she can't use. I have only had the bed for 2 years.

Rooms to Go should be investigated, and closed DOWN !!!!! They sell the cheapest, and worst qualtiy furninture ever. The looks of the furniture are nice, but the QUALITY & Customer Service is horrible. Can someone please help????

I feel expecially bad for my 8 yr old daughter that can't entertain her friends in her room, because Im afraid they may scratch their legs with the broken boards and screws haning out.

This is outrageous that they can continue to get away with this, and nothing is ever done to help the customer.

I know and RTG must know that a bed should last longer that a year or two. HELP!!!!!!