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The same thing happened to me injured and if you want to start class action lawsuit I already am in touch with Gordon and Donnie attorneies and they have already a fraud lawsuit filed against rooms to go, I'm in trial already on my own against rooms to go for two herniations in lumbar back and neck herniation from years ago now surgical in my spinal cord fluid sack from cindy crawford canopy bed key west collection, and they say there unaware of these problems and lying and fighting me in court and all evidence of you tube testimonials judge won't allow for jury as of yesterday's hearing, please call Ronald j Jane jr and we will get final justice from this anarchy rotten screwing the public with every product they sell I found these complaints on post

Call ron to join me on stopping the injuries and unsafe products they continue to sell with no remorse from begining to end.


Ronald j Jane jr

West palm beach florida

561 901 3775

If you join me my case can then use any evidence of this kind, I have to have your live testimony in court April 26 pre trial and may 9 2016 also the trial date,

Let's stop them in there rotten tracks asap

Call ron at 561 901 3775

Anytime day or night

You can call at 3:00 am if needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Rooms To Go Cons: Incompetence, Misrepresentaion, Quality.

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Gordon and do not trial attornies

West palm beach florida