Tomball, Texas
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I purchased a 3 piece leather living room set for $ 3,000.00, at Rooms to Go in The woodlands , less than 3 years ago, I have called and had service out two years after purchase. The Lounger sagging first .

there were no springs in the cushions, only straps across the bottom under the foam are holding you up? This is very strange to me. I cannot believe that a store can run a business this way..

I have called and talked to anyone who would talk to me and got no results. I was told nothing can be done.

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I have sent photos to Rooms to go and called and called and had servive guy come out twice and was told by everyone that the warranty I had only covered the leather and not the frame. There is no springs anywhere in this sectional only straps under the bottom saw this when the guy took the bottom off.They act like they are going to do something about it but then say it is not in the warranty, which now is not in effect anyway, it was when I started calling them but did not work then either...

I have sent the store photos with letters asking them to please do something. They have not... They tell me it is not in the warranty..The last call out the guy told me they have changed the way they are building this particular 3 pc set from cindy crawford making it better for sitting... but that I will have to live with the one I have!!!!!

I like it I just wanted it to be fixed, three years, $3000.00,nice to look at leather, not a lot of people sitting on it and it is a waste of my money....I will never go in one of their stores again and will never buy anything from this supplier. I believe in customer satisfaction and will only buy from stores who also feel this way...


I too have been screwed over by Rooms To Go (To Go alright...right in the trash heap after about a year of use!) Do not bother taking picture of anything-I did this and it is just a way for them to stall you and then they still site "normal wear" for the reason their horrible products break down. If I was Cindy Crawford, I'd have my name disassociated with Rooms To Go!


If a manufacturer chooses to go with spring support system, the spring system is typically found in the seat deck, and not the seat cushions.

Rooms To Go provides a one year warranty against manufacturer defects. But if you would like to email us pictures of the set along with your order information to, we can take a closer look at the situation to see if there may be any other services that we can provide.