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We purchased Cindy Crawford furniture for a condo that my 75 year old parents visit twice a year. After a couple years the fabric on the couch and chair started to wear badly and look terrible.

I have met two other people that had the same issue with their same set and were told they have now changed the fabric (it is still in the stores in large ads) because the fabric was defective. I wrote to Rooms To Go explaining the situation and asked to have someone come look at ours-they asked that I take pics and send them. You cannot tell from a picture what it truly looks like, but after 30 minutes of review they stated it was "normal wear". These are two 75 year old's that are only in Florida a couple times of year!

they have a sofa at home that they sit on daily and have had it for 8 years with no "wear and tear"!

Horrible product and Chad at customer service was no help at all. Don't waste your $ on Cindy Crawford furniture or Rooms To Go!

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Bought the Cindy Crawford Key West Collection and I'm not happy with my selection. There is no comfortable position

to sit on them unless you like to slouch on the couch.

I have back pain and every time I sit on my new furniture,

I end up sitting on the floor. It's a beautiful set that would make any room look gorgeous, but it was made for show, not for comfort.

Why would Cindy Crawford allow to have her name on such

pieces of furniture?

Beware! Don't believe those sales people.

They follow you around and all they are good for is making commissions. Shame on you, Rooms To Go, and shame on you, Cindy Crawford, too.


hello, your situation simply confirms the same horrible products and customer service I had with Rooms To Go several years ago! my sofa was supposedly a Natuzzi leather, but arrived with small pinholes, uneven stitching and one seat cushion was actually larger than the other!

basically was quite defective! RTG managers, all the way to regional managers were abysmal to deal with, neither I nor any friends or family have ever purchased a thing from them again......


I will not be purchasing anything from Rooms to Go as there are too many complaints and there appears to be no customer service whatsoever!


I was considering buying the Key West line for my living and dining room, but after reading negative comments, I have concerns about the durability of the fabric as well as the quality of the foam in the cushions. Can you please address this issue?


Hi Annie – I’m sorry to hear about any problems that you are having with your Key West set that has been in the home since November of 2008. I did get the chance to take a look over your account details as well as the pictures that you provided us, and it appears that the markings were not caused by a manufacturer defect, but rather by normal use.

The chenille type fabric can wear differently than other sets if not treated properly with care. Because of this, it can be difficult to compare one set to the other.

Julie – We do offer a one year warranty against manufacturer defects. If you are experiencing any problems with your set, please do not hesitate to contact our customer care office at 1-800-766-6786. At that time, any one of our representatives will be more than happy to assist you with any concerns that you may be having.

The quicker we know of a problem, the quicker we can work to get the situation resolved!


Julie-As stated in my last message, the name was Key West. If it hasn't yet been a year, I would hurry in to Rooms To Go..hopefully they would honor a year warranty. I wouldn't hold my breath though..they are AWFUL!


The name of the set we have problems with is called Key West and was in the Cindy Crawford line. I have to think there are very many people out there that have had problems with the defective fabric that they claim is "normal wear! Definitely NOT normal :(


Hi everyone~

This is just some useful information to use when buying furniture. If it is at all possible, open up a cushion. If the foam is white or yellow, that cushion, with normal family usage,will start to lose its shape & support within the first year. Almost all of Rooms-to-Go type furniture has this type of foam. Especially the Cindy Crawford brand. Now, the really great accent chair that matches the set, but isn't included in the deal, those usually have the higher quality foam AND the price tag to prove it.

Next, springs, coils, a metal cross bar?? Yes, you will have to turn a few pieces over, but I have never, not even once, had any employee give me a hard time about it. In fact, they have offered to help turn things over, so I can peek in under the fabric at the coils. The better quality pieces will have a

thicker coil / spring and more of them. If all the piece has for support is a

metal cross bar, just don't let Aunt Bertha sit on the 'new sofa' after

Christmas dinner.

Look for dense woods to form the structure of the piece of furniture. The $299.00 Sofa is most likely built out of birch or plywoods, not oak or pine.

A good piece of furniture is going to last you and your family a long time. Try to save for another month to get that better quality piece. The fabrics will last longer, the warranties are better, and 7 years from now, it will still be in your home instead of at the curb.


Annie, What is the name of the set? We also purchased a set less than a year ago and exact problem. We are just a working couple , no kids.