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I purchased a Cindy Crawford Loveseat and Sofa Set in April of 2015. Our furniture is less than 6 months old.

A family member went to sit down on the sofa and we heard a loud snap and they fell right through the couch, hitting their head and slamming their arms etc into the back of the sofa and the sides. They actually suffered multiple injuries to their body! Thank God they were not SERIOUSLY injured! I was mortified as was my guest!

I flipped the sofa over and removed the cover to see that the insufficient baby sized 1x2 was the culprit. There was a knot in the wood right at the break. This is clear negligence! My family has owned a furniture co.

for over 70 years and never would sell such garbage! How the manufacturer thought it was a good idea to use a 1x2 to support 3 grown adults is unbelievable to begin with. The fact they they would use a piece of wood that was so blatantly defective is another. RTG will not repair it.

The kicker in all of this is that when I was buying this set it was the best RTG had!!! I will be contacting the manufacturer but we will probably by a few 2x4's and brackets because this will just continue to break if replaced w/such a small piece of wood. It is an obvious defect in the design in addition to the negligent wood that was used.

I'm baffled how this passed any quality standard. Says a lot about the crawford Brand and RTG for continuing to carry this line w/so many complaints.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cindy Crawford Sofa.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $750.

Preferred solution: repair-using quality materials that should have been used to begin with..

Rooms To Go Cons: Defective product, Poor quality of sofa, Business ethics, Defective and poorly made sofa, Takes no responsibility for items they sell.

  • Broken Sofa
  • Broken Loveseat
  • Broken Couch
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These automated responses are a joke, a customer gave a positive review at the end of her complaint and the response was the same as yours;-(. Lets get a Facebook page setup for all dissatisfied customers and get a class action together.


Yikes! This sounds awful. Would you be able to send us your order info with the above details to