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Hold them accountable! contact http://www.zimmreed.com/Rooms-To-Go-Warranty-Slamming/34428/ or call Brian Gudmundson directly, toll-free, at 800.755.0098. His law firm is considering a class action lawsuit. He is seeking plaintiffs to file. If rooms to go is not held accountable they will continue to rip people off!

When Rooms to Go responds to this post-and they will-ignore them and contact Brian Gudmundson directly, toll-free, at 800.755.0098 instead!!!!!!!!!!!

Please read bellow….

Rooms To Go Warranty Slamming and Worthless Fabric Protection Practices

Southern furniture retail giant, Rooms To Go, is allegedly participating in unscrupulous sales practices, including "slamming" warranties (charging customers for a warranty even if a warranty was declined) and selling worthless fabric protection. Thousands of customers may have fallen victim to these and other practices.


Rooms To Go sales employees are allegedly assigned strict sales quotas that are impossible to meet without engaging in unscrupulous practices. One of these practices, warranty "slamming," occurs when Rooms To Go sales employees allegedly add the price of the warranty to the final purchase price of furniture, regardless if the customer actually wanted the warranty. In some instances, Rooms To Go may charge customers for a warranty even though the customer actually rejected the warranty purchase. On average, warranty slamming adds about $150 to the purchase price. In addition, Rooms To Go has allegedly charged customers for fabric protection that is completely worthless because the furniture fabric is already pretreated. In these instances, Rooms To Go allegedly does not apply any additional fabric protection at all, or adds it to already treated fabric, making it worthless to the customer.

If you think you may have been unknowingly charged for a warranty or fabric protection from your Rooms To Go furniture purchase and would like to talk with an attorney, we want to hear your story. You may be entitled to recovery. If you would like more information, click below to fill out a free case review form or contact attorney Brian Gudmundson directly, toll-free, at 800.755.0098. Zimmerman Reed is experienced in handling consumer cases and we welcome any questions you may have.

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I agree with all the complaints, the furniture is crap. I bought a leather living room last year looks like garbage already.


Fabric protection warranties do not have to be "wet" warranties, that is, they protect because of an applied protectant. Most retailers offer a "dry" warranty.

If something happens to your furniture--a one-time spill, for example--that is covered under the terms of the plan, the retailer will attempt to correct the problem by either cleaning the fabric, or replacing the affected part.

We do it all the time and we honor the claims. Applied protectants are removed if you clean your furniture and it must be reapplied.


I agree with all the comments! Their furniture is garbage.

Even they seem to realize that and only warranty for 1 year. I have a supposed leather chair, love seat and sofa that are peeling and cracking. They want to offer me as a "courtesy" 50% of the purchase price towards store credit to buy more sub-par furniture.

Would love to join the suit. Horrible products from this company!!


Any new News regarding this ongoing issue? Purchased a Learher Sectional couch for over $4k with the warranty and the leather came off . Rooms to go states it wasn't covered under warranty but when we asked the warranty company to come out and inspect they refused





The furniture from rooms to go is not worth anything we have leather living room set that started falling apart when it was two years old by the time we notice we had already bought a bedroom set that is about two years old and its starting to fall apart what can we do? We have no children it just us and all that money spent for what now we have to replace it again.

Is there a law suit for that?

Denise M.


Wow! Sorry to hear about this.

I would be happy to look into this. Would you be able to send me your order info along with images of the furniture to Tellus@Roomstogo.com?


I do not have a warranty issues, however, I have an issue with the delivery. The delivery men put *** into my door because they would not take our advice and take the door off the hinge or take the feet off the couch.

Now, they will not do anything for us.


I would join a class action lawsuit. I have been through 4 returns and each replacement cost me more money ( delivery charges to replace, etc)


We bought from Room To GO, bonded leather, only come to our place for about three weeks out of the year, husband and wife, no children, and are O C D people, yet the furniture ius falling apart before our eyes.. Calles customer service and no refunds!!

Please help.. We have furniture at home that is 20 years old in one room and 15 years old in another room, and both look better than the rooms to go furniture that is not that old and only used 3 times..

Pleaseinclude us in on a class action law suit.. myemmy95@aol.com


I to am an Irate customer of RTG my sofa,loveseat are falling apart and my recliner is almost bald.We need to figure out some way to band together if we can't loge a class action lawsuit maybe we can band together somehow,to get some restitution.I wonder if Naders Raiders are still involved in consumer rights.I going to call my local Better Business Bureau see if can Lawfully picket my local Rooms To Go and warn the public of my experience with the store.


There refund policy is a joke. I bought a couch on a Sunday when I got home I realized it would be to big for my space returned to store within 48 hours to switch out to a different couch which was less expensive and was told I would receive a refund within 7 to 14 days which is reasonable.

I called on the 9th day to see if a check had been mailed and they told me it was being processed I should get it next week. No problem. I called Tuesday of that next week to see if check had been mailed and get told no because there was a 21 day hold. Wtf!!!!

First time I heard that *** I asked to talk to manager and he explained that would not help. I explained that was for me to find out. He told me that there was nothing that they could do that the 21 day hold was on the check I wrote that cleared my bank the next day after I purchased the first couch. I paid 587 in check and 600 in cash for the first couch.

When I went back to switch out couches I purchased a smaller couch for a total of $563 which I was told that the check would cover that couch so I needed to be refunded the cash sale. Of course they don't carry cash in store so they say and told me I'd receive a check in the mail 7 to 14 days. I then asked for the exact date when the refund check may be mailed and he could not give me that answer. So at that point I'm like whatever and end the conversation.

I search the web in regards to this 21 day hold in there refund policy and nothing. I call the store in clear lake and ask them if they heard of such thing and they tell me no they have not. I call back to customer service wanting my information in this 21 day hold since no one who works for them has heard of it. Amber with customer care gets my call and she is baffled herself to why because it made no sense.

I vented to her and she did as best she could seeing that she could only email their finance dept for answers she could not call. She could not direct me to anyone higher I could not get the finance dept number she was stuck and confused as well. Rooms to go is bad business. Also we bought bedroom suite with mattress and were told we had a 5 year warranty on a waterproof mattress pad.

Well ours tore and it was under warranty so I called customer care they said I had no warranty when on the plastic that the pad comes in states 5 year warranty. I go to store and they say they were mistaken and it is under warranty and that they will send out pad. I call 2 weeks later and ask when we may receive pad and they say it was denied because we don't have the first pad. Who told them this.

I tell them yes we have pad do I need to mail it and they make notes and say I will be contacted. I was contacted the next day to verify address because they were sending out pad. When I get the pad it's the wrong size. So in addition to calling about the refund and tell Amber I received the pad yesterday and it's the wrong size and she like omg its says king in the computer why did you receive a queen.

I'm like you tell me. I'm disgusted with this company and its furniture. They sell high price ***. My bedroom suite did not even last 3 years before drawers started breaking on the dresser and the fake wood coloring started coming off.

Oh and another thing when I purhased the couch I was told they don't sell couches without the fabric protector its standard which all purchases.

OMGEEEEEEE I'm so fed up and sick to my stomach with this place. I would love to help in giving this company what it deserves.


I'm responding. They sent me two damaged sofa's and a broken coffee table.

My damaged coffie table will not be replaced until next month. My first leather sofa, the leather peeled off.

The replacement sofa was not stitched and has a gaping hole. I paid 1200 for the sofa and 249 for the damaged off the truck coffie table.


I am in a battle with RTG regarding 2 chairs recently purchased. Long story made short, first chair had little padding.

Second chair had ample padding but had a gouge out of one of the wooden legs. After 4 tech appointments, photos, numerous phone calls to service dept. and warehouse, and drives to the local store, a manager assured me new chairs to replace the worn/damaged ones I received. On 10/24/14 I received the chairs.

One had a foot long stain across it (no kidding). After leaving a message for him to pick the chairs up and credit my account, I received a call from a manager at the corporate office who told me that I WAS BEING SENT CHAIRS OTHER CUSTOMERS HAD REFUSED OR RETURNED. Frustrated and tired, I wanted the chairs out of my home and a credit to my account. He refused refunding, citing RTG return/refund policy.

He said a "new" shipment of these chairs is expected on 10/31/14 and could set up delivery on 11/01/14. I accepted, pending investigating other options.


Is it against the law for them to not take returns and not post this in the store? The furniture is not quality.

When I called after 1 day, the customer service told me to call the store. Spoke with someone who said he was mgr and said they don't take returns. It is on the receipt. The receipt writing is so light it can barely be read.

There is no post in the store about no returns. Do you have a lawsuit about that?


I am going to sue rooms to go. HOWEVER, I am responding to your post BECAUSE the receipt states they do give 100% refunds and allow returns of furniture "at their sole discretion," when there is a manufacture defect.

It does not say NO RETURNS except when you buy used furniture which they also sell. That used furniture is sold AS IS NO RETURNS!! Not all locations have a used furniture warehouse attached to the new furniture store.

The fact they TOLD YOU NO RETURNS is further evidence of their scam artist tactics.

They told me NO EXCHANGES. THEN THEY OFFERED TO EXCHANGE for another type of set AFTER TWO DELIVERIES OF FLAWED living room FURNITURE. Plus the delivery men threw the unwrapped, (fabric) furniture on to the street. I kid you not!

This is a real racquet. I am suing in small claims court. I am not going to let some pee-on tell me to take it or leave it. I know my rights.

Long story made short. Good luck and don-t take any ***. They are obvious scam artists. They hide the flaws in the store and they rush you and make fabulous verbal promises.

ADD stuff to your bill without your knowledge and then dump the delivery in your home and run out as fast as they can (before you see the horrible 3rd world *** you just dropped several thousand dollars on.) They are laughing all the way to the bank. Over 17 billion dollars!!! While ripping off customers and ignoring legitimate complaints and attempting to convince as many as possible that your furniture contract protects them from FRAUD.



we were ripped off and lied to in tbe store in glen allen va by floyed and his manager.


rooms to go is a rip off period! i bought sofa and love seat at 1,600 and have made 12 months of payments to them ($183 a month).

and called to get payoff amount and they said $1,500!!! All this time they are saying only $23 have actually been going toward the furniture and the rest towards financing, credit building, etc.

This is totally a rip off now if i continue this i will pay over $4,000 for this furniture all together. RIDICULOUS!!!!


I bought a $700 sofa from rooms to go 2 years ago. After less than 1 year of use, the couch would make loud creaking noises.

Recently my wife and I sat down on the couch, we heard a long creak and then a loud snap! Now the couch is sagging in the middle and there are two wood beam that a poking on the fabric under the couch. We don't have kids and we are not overweight. A couch should last you decades, not 2 years!

Of course Rooms to Go has a weak warranty that only covers 1 year after purchase. I'm pretty sure Rooms to Go knows that they are cutting corners in their furniture to save money.

I have one question to ask to Rooms to Go. Is the money you save from cutting corners in furniture construction worth the immense damage to your company?


I purchased a leather sofa recliner from Rooms to go. After about a year and half of use the leather began peeling and the sofa began to tear on the bottom.

Contacted them and all they would do was give me credit for the sofa which amounts to almost nothing. They suggested I pick out something in store and pay the difference. NOT! And give them more of my money for their poor quality furniture.

To top it off, when I returned to the store at Corp office request, I was ignored while employees sat on a sofa asleep. Stay away from rooms to go.

I am looking into my options of legal action. They should not get away with selling poor quality items, *** poor service and not making things right.