Fort Hood, Texas
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My couch was damaged during delivery...I'm thinking t was honestly when the delivery guys were trying to get it in my house.Instead of talking the legs off they were forcing it through the doors.

Causing the bottom like wood part to become chipped. I haven't yet called due to being busy. The chip isn't huge or affecting the useable and look.

But for 1200+ I think my couch should look flawless for at least a few months, rather than the day I received it to have damage...overall not pleased with delivers at all, weren't very friendly either.Seemed to be in a rush, I understand they have multiple delieveries a day but the customer paying should at least be acknowledged and be told I don't know, have a good day?

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Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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So sorry to hear about this. Care to send us your order info to